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Too Small To Classify

Some things I'm interested in that I haven't written up yet; if you'd like to hear more about one of these, please write .

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  • IP Law in Cyberspace: a Radical Proposal.
  • The Magic Show (what I contributed to a mail art show by that name).
  • Sending used computers to Poland.
  • How to use a ball rolling on a map to help visualize complex state transitions.
  • How to use fractal principles to create anti-graffiti patterns.
  • How to use a data glove for word processing/editing.
  • How a well-constructed sentence is a solution to a topological problem.
  • How is "news" different from "history"?
  • How to combine mathematics and dance.
  • How to diagram tense in language.
  • How to practice real-time decision making.
  • How to make (automobile) driving more expressive.
  • How to detect circular reasoning.
  • How taxation discourages cooperation and inspires competition.
  • How commerce depends on there being different sets of values.
  • What are the first things that happen when you turn on your computer?
  • What happens when you switch a fugue from 4/4 to 3/8.
  • Why I think 3D visualization is a largely a waste of time.
  • Why mirrors reverse left-to-right but not top-to-bottom.
  • Why the color wheel is a wheel.