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Stephen Malinowski Site Index

Note: this index has been replaced by a new one here

Notes on this index

  • Where the name of an invention or idea is trademarked, non-descriptive, or otherwise special, it is shown here in UPPERCASE.
  • Topic categories that are also links contain unique material not contained in their sub-topics.

    Music Animation Machine and related experiments

  • Index of all music on this site NEW
  • Buy videotapes and DVDs of some scrolling scores here.
  • Reviews of reviews of the MUSIC ANIMATION MACHINE videotapes
  • Frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about the MUSIC ANIMATION MACHINE
  • MUSIC ANIMATION MACHINE in the public eye

    History of the MUSIC ANIMATION MACHINE and related explorations

  • Compare three kinds of score (conventional, condensed, bar-graph)
  • Software for studying tuning -- INTERVAL and DIVISION
  • Visualizing interval sets -- DYAD
  • Visualizing tonality -- HARMONIC COLORING
  • Visualizing 12-pitch temperaments -- TANTRUM
  • Visualizing timbre -- VOICE TRACKER
  • Visualizing rhythm -- FURRY
  • Visualizing gesture -- OSKARETTES
  • Computer-assisted performance -- Christopher Strangio's patent
  • Computer-assisted performance -- CRANKER
  • Computer-assisted performance -- LIZARD TRAMPOLINE
  • Computer-assisted performance -- TAPPER
  • Shapes and Motion
  • Recent Experiments (V00 through V20)


  • What about the M.A.M. software?

    Music scores

  • Compositions
  • Arrangements, settings, variations and transcriptions
  • Music for recorder (solo, consort, mixed ensemble)

    Other projects

  • Pushing the Envelope, my entry to a mail art exhibition
  • Music-related inventions and writings
  • The family of equal-interval tunings
  • Interview with the Cutting Edge (electric razor band)
  • A technique for learning to perform and sight-read rhythms -- RHYTHM CARDS
  • A tool for becoming familiar with violin fingerings -- VIOLIN KEYBOARD
  • Visualization of James Tenney's "Wake"
  • Why a french horn mute makes the pitch go up (or is it down?)
  • Another Organ Pedalboard
  • A grabbag of contrapuntal keyboard exercises

    Other inventions

  • QHKCSTFPN, a linguistically-informed typewriter keyboard layout
  • Visualizing internet traffic
  • Visualizing cardiac sounds
  • Document holder -- SERVANT (patent summary)
  • Things other people invented too
  • Too small to classify

    Other writing

  • Audification
  • Ecology-conscious web site
  • Relation between etymology and humor
  • Words of unknown origin
  • Making discourse manifest
  • Upon the varieties of left-handed handwriting
  • NET RELEASE, a method for collecting royalties for intellectual property
  • RevLink, reverse hypertext links
  • The Magical Number Seven, George A. Miller's article on human cognitive limits
  • Stephen's fruitcake recipe
  • Cable Housekeeping
  • Hiccup cures
  • Nomenclature of full blood relations
  • Future Pages...?

    Incomplete projects

  • BYZINTUNE, a study aid for Byzantine chant
  • Computer calligraphy, an approach for developing expressive fonts
  • Driving, ideas for a book on this subject
  • TYPING MASTER CLASS, how to go from 60 to 90 WPM
  • PHONEME ANIMAL, a educational toy for babbling infants
  • Speech tool, how to describe speech sounds
  • WIGGLE WORD , a fun letter/word animation


  • Contact
  • How not to spell Stephen's name