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The Music Animation Machine in the public eye



Music Animation Machine, First Demonstration Reel, 1990, sold through Graphics Press 1990 through 2001, sold via web site 1995 to present

The International Computer Music Association Video Review, 1991

Music Animation Machine, Second Demonstration Reel, 1996, sold via web site 1995 to present


Conferences / Exhibitions

Music Sources, Exhibition, Berkeley, California, 1991

IBM, Seminar for Arts and Letters, Santa Cruz, California 1991

YLEM, Music Visualization, San Francisco, California, September 1996


Competitions / Festivals

The 25th Annual New York Expo of Short Film and Video, Jury Award, 1991

East Bay Media Center Video Festival, Honorable Mention, 1991



The Discovery Channel, "The Imagination Machines," produced by Chiz Schultz, Inc. for the Getty Center for Education in the Arts, 1991

KRON News Center 4, Richard Hart, "The Next Step," March 5, 1991

Classic Arts Showcase (broadcast by satellite over North and South America) has been showing the Music Animation Machine as a regular part of their programming from October 2000 to the present



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