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Hiccup cures you can do with an assistant (to be read by the assistant, NOT the subject!)

  • Kiss the subject.
  • Startle the subject.
  • Whisper in the subject's ear "Hiccups go away."
  • Pinch the inside part of the hiccupper's upper arm.
  • Tell the subject a "little lie" (e.g. "you are a brunette")
  • Ask the subject a question they must think about before answering.
  • While the subject slowly sips a glass of water, take their pulse (at the wrist).
  • Tell the subject to turn away from you, say "wait a minute" and then just wait.
  • Tell the subject (for real) "I'll give you five dollars if you hiccup again, right now!"
  • Grasp the subject's writing hand tightly with both hands; during this, have the subject hold his/her breath.
  • (X) Ask the subject "What color is a white horse?" (or, alternatively, "When was the last time you saw a white horse?")
  • While you stand behind the subject sealing their ears completely (air-tight) with your hands, the subject gulps a glass of water.
  • Get a bottle of water; tell the subject "stand up and open your mouth"; pour in a mouthful of water, then tell them "swallow it."
  • Wait for the subject to hiccup a few times, then ask "what's your middle name?".  In response to their answer, say, "your hiccups are gone now."
  • Rub your hands together until warm, then place one hand flat on the subject's sternum and ask them to focus on the warmth and let it flow down the center of their chest toward their stomach.
  • (X) Face the subject, holding a pencil at the eraser end; place the pencil in the groove between the subject's right ear and head with the eraser end close to the ear; draw the pencil lengthwise toward you for its entire length.
  • The subject takes the deepest possible breath and holds it, during which the assistant yawns until the subject "catches" it; the subject tries not to yawn (keeps their mouth closed); subject breathes out normally afterward.