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Production Notes for James Tenney's Wake

Since I haven't yet done the final version of this visualization, what follows are pre-production notes, a description of what I intend to do to produce a video of James Tenney's piece.

1  Get necessary permissions

Since there's a lot of work involved in making this animation, I'm not going to start until it's clear that I can get permission to use this piece, and that it won't cost me an arm and a leg to include it on my next DVD.

2  Write synchronization software

This software will be a combination of the original MAM (MIDI) performance editor and an audio spectrogram display (and audio player), designed to make it easy (at least, as easy as possible) to adjust MIDI timings to synchronize with audio.

3  Use the synchronization software to get note timings

I'll take a MIDI score of the piece, the Hat Hut recording, and move the MIDI note timings around until they match the audio recording.

4  Figure out what to do about rhythmic anomalies

Since the performers are human (unlike in my first rendition of this piece), there will be places where they are not exactly together; what should I do at these places?

5  Write animation software, render frames

Once I've figured out how the animation is going to work, I'll write the software to produce the individual 1/30 second frames.

6  Assemble frames, audio, titles, etc.

This is the normal "video post-production" work.

7  Documentation

I wrote this description and added it to the Production Notes Table of Contents.