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Production Notes for Clément Duquesne's Allegro

Here's what I did to produce the Music Animation Machine video of this piece:

1  Composition

I wrote this piece during my 2009 holidays.

2  Score Entry

I entered the score directly into Cubase.

3  Instrument

The virtual instruments I used are from 'EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition' and 'Vienna Symphonic Library'.

4  Audio and MIDI Export

I exported the result from Cubase as both a MIDI file and an MP3 file.

5  Capture

After having imported the MIDI file into the MAM, I chose the part motion display type (BALLS). I used the software Fraps to capture the video from the MAM. It gave me a AVI high definition file.

6  Conversion in MKV

I combined the MP3 file with the video, and converted it to a low resolution MKV file with the freeware SUPER.

7  Upload

I uploaded the video to my site (with filezilla), and to Youtube.

8  Documentation

I wrote these production notes !