Stephen Malinowski and the Music Animation Machine in the public eye

date where/type description/link
1988-2009patentsI been involved in a few patents in one way or another (none directly related to music).
1990-presentvariousInformation visualization specialist Edward Tufte began helping me share my work in 1990 when he started using my animations in his presentations and convinced me to produce a videotape that he could sell to his audiences; over the years, he's introduced my work to thousands of people. In 2006, he included one of my graphical scores in his book Beautiful Evidence.
1990novreviewAlgorithm, Journal of Recreational Programming, Volume 1.7, videotape reviewed by Bob Webber
1991documentaryThe Getty Center for Education in the Arts included some of my animated graphical scores in a program called The Imagination Machines.
1991TV newsReporter Richard Hart did a segment about my work that aired on the local news station KRON; here's what they said.
1991exhibitionMusic Sources, Berkeley, California
1991presentationIBM, Seminar for Arts and Letters, Santa Cruz, California
1991awardThe 25th Annual New York Expo of Short Film and Video, Jury Award
1991awardEast Bay Media Center Video Festival, Honorable Mention
1991reviewPiano Guild Notes, Volume 41, number 2, reviewed by Kay Rivers Sparks, page 45, National Guild of Piano Teachers
1991reviewWhole Earth Review, page 127, reviewed by Kevin Kelly, Whole Earth, Summer
1991reviewLeonardo, Volume 24, page 632, reviewed by Roger F. Malina, Pergamon Press
1991bookComputers and the Imagination, Visual Adventures Beyond the Edge, Clifford Pickover, page 386, St. Martin's Press, New York
1992aprreviewAlgorithm, Journal of Recreational Programming, Volume 3.2, videotape reviewed by Bob Webber
1992bookMazes for the Mind, Computers and the Unexpected, Clifford Pickover, pages 198 and 205, St. MartinĂ­s Press, New York
1992bookComputing and Musicology, Volume 8, edited by Walter B. Hewlett and Eleanor Selfridge-Field, pages 123 and 205, Center for Computer-Assisted Research in the Humanities
1993junreviewAmerican Music Teacher, page 62, videotape reviewed by Wilma Machover, June/July
1994bookArchitecture as a Translation of Music, edited by Elizabeth Martin, page 12, Princeton Architectural Press
1995octmagazine articleTed Rust wrote an article about my work for his (then-)magazine Music for the Love of it.
1995reviewNeo, edited by Delphine Hirasuna, page 34, Simpson Paper Company
1996sep11documentaryYLEM, Music Visualization, San Francisco, California
1997master's thesisVisualization Of Midi Encoded Music, Jeffrey Douglas MacArthur
1999journal articleVisualizing Music and Audio using Self-Similarity, Jonathan Foote
2000-presentTV broadcastMy animated graphical scores are broadcast by satellite to North and South American on Classic Arts Showcase.
2001master's thesisImprovisatory Music and Painting Interface, Hugo Solis Garcia
2001article (?)Rethinking the Lecture / Rethinking Our Teaching, Peggy Lant
2001master's thesisVIMP -- Visualisation of Musical Pieces (LMB_MScThesis.pdf), Lorna Brown
2003paperPast, Present, and Possible Future Techniques, Implementations, and Methods in the Study and Exploration of Music Visualization (maciagt-PPFTMESMV.pdf), Timothy J Maciag
2004articleVisual Music, Maura McDonnell
2004lectureMusic Perception & Cognition, Peter Cariani, Andy Oxenham, Mark Tramo
2004paperPattern Matching In Polyphonic Music As A Weighted Geometric Translation Problem, Anna Lubiw, Luke Tanur
2005sep28museum exhibitionThe MAM appeared in an exhibit at the Textile Museum of Canada called "Dance of Pattern." Here's what the installation looked like, and here's a review of the exhibit that appeared in the magazine Selvedge.
2005paperWhat You See Is What You Get: On Visualizing Music, Eric Isaacson
2011softwareBjörk's interactive application Biophilia included my interactive animated graphical scores.
2011aug30articleFor the issue of Dazed and Confused about Björk's project Biophilia, Tim Burrows interviewed me; what he kept from the interview ended up in this online article; I posted what was left over here.
2012jan27interview Carly Shields, a journalist with NYC's BreakThru Radio, asked me some questions about the relationship between my work an synesthesia.
2012feb14interviewI did a phone interview with Kevin Holmes for the Creators Project. Because it's pretty much a verbatim transcription of what I said, it's hard to follow.
2012feb14interviewThe Italian music educator Alessandra Anceschi interviewed me (English) for an article published in the journal Musica Domani (Italian) where she is an editor.
2012feb16interviewMusician and animator Philip Crosby asked me some questions about my work.
2013catalogMERLOT included my materials in their catalog of resources for teachers.
2013jul31articleNancy M. Williams wrote an article about me for Aesop.
2013aug01articleErik Voermans wrote an article about my collaboration with Etienne Abeline for Het Parool.
2013aug01articleNick Romeo wrote an article about me for The Daily Beast.
2014museum exhibitBiophilia was the first downloadable app added to MoMA collection
2015-2016concertVulnicura animations
2016-2017museum exhibitionThe Children's Museum of Pittsburgh mounted an interactive exhibit of my work.
2017nov04interviewMichael Johnson interviewed me for the online newsletter Facts & Arts.