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Music Animation Machine MIDI Player (Windows freeware)

Read (or right-click to download) the latest (2010jan28) User Guide.

Download latest release: 2006aug19 Release 035 added Note start line option (in View menu)

With this program you can listen to your own MIDI files (or play live) while viewing these visualizations:

Original bar-graph (short name: MAM)
Circle of fifths color wheel (short name: WHEEL)
Interval types (short name: DYAD)
Interval types + pitch (short name: YARN)
Shapes (short name: SHAPES)
Harmonic staff (short name: STAFF)
Harmonic compass (short name: COMPASS)
Harmonic compass + pitch bars
Triads (short name: LATTICE)
Part sequence (short name: LINES)
Part motion (short name: BALLS)
Part trajectory (short name: WEDGES)

At this point, the program is too simple to need an installer.

Just take it out of the ZIP file and run it.

Open a MIDI file (or a MAMX file; see below); press the space bar.

See what happens.

Explore the menus.

The software can be used freely for any purpose whatsoever (including making videos used commercially).

No warranties expressed or implied (but see MAMPlayer Technical Support).

Here are some MAM-format files (*.MAMX) to try it with:

Here are some MIDI-format files (*.MID) to try it with:

These MIDI files are provided by permission of the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities (CCARH).

Here are the previous releases: