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How to use this page

If there is an online movie of the piece, clicking on the name (below) will open a window so that you can watch it without closing this page.  Clicking the icons will take you to other pages about the selected piece. Here's what the icons mean:

YouTube ... is a good place to see what other people have said about the video, and to post your own comments.
Revver ... will pay me if you click on the ads at the end of my movies.
Vimeo ... lets you download a high-quality, iPod-playable version of the movie (if you've signed up for a free account).
Google ... presents its movies in a full-screen (though still low-resolution) version.
Score For some pieces, there is a score that you can study, listen to, or print.
Production A description of how the movie was made.
MP3 Audio-only version of the piece.
Info Can be just about anything: discussion of the piece itself, or something related to it, or not.
DVD Some movies are on my DVD (which you can buy online); these are also described in the Viewer's Guides.

Other Stuff (see above)

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Anonymous, Frog Round
Harold Arlen, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow
Johann Sebastian Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Johann Sebastian Bach, Brandenburg Concerto 6, 3rd mvt.
Johann Sebastian Bach, WTK Book I, Fugue 4, C-sharp minor
Johann Sebastian Bach, Brandenburg Concerto #4, 3rd mvt.
Johann Sebastian Bach, WTK Book I, Fugue 13, F-sharp major
Johann Sebastian Bach, WTK Book II, Fugue 17, A-flat major
Johann Sebastian Bach, WTK Book II, Fugue 22, B-flat minor
Johann Sebastian Bach, Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf
Johann Sebastian Bach, Siciliana, solo violin
Johann Sebastian Bach, O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
Johann Sebastian Bach, Wenn wir in höchsten Nöthen sein
Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata 54, 3rd mvt.
Johann Sebastian Bach, In Dulci Jubilo
Johann Sebastian Bach, Jesus Christus Unser Heiland
Johann Sebastian Bach, "Little" Fugue (BWV578)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Organ Trio Sonata III, 3rd mvt
Ludwig van Beethoven, Bagatelle, opus 33, #5
Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony 5, opening
Johannes Brahms, Capriccio, opus 76 #2
John Bull, In Nomine
William Byrd, Fantasy a 3
William Byrd, A Voluntarie: for my ladye Nevell
William Byrd, The March Before The Battell
William Byrd, The Leaves Be Green
Frederic Chopin, Etude, opus 10 #7
Frederic Chopin, Nocturne, opus 27 #2
Frederic Chopin, "Minute" Waltz (pianola demonstration)
Frederic Chopin, Berceuse, opus 57
Frederic Chopin, Etude, opus 10 #4
Frederic Chopin, Etude, opus 10 #8
Frederic Chopin, Grand valse brillante
Claude Debussy, Clair de lune
Fred Kasper, Palindrome Canon
Richard Grayson, Rocky Road Ripple
Franz Liszt, Feux Follets
Franz Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody #2
Vincent Lo, Intermezzo, opus 28, #2
Vincent Lo, Nokia Fugue, opus 31
Stephen Malinowski, A Little Ranch Music
Stephen Malinowski, A Stone's Throw
Stephen Malinowski, Barcarolle
Stephen Malinowski, Fantasia Ostinato
Stephen Malinowski, Fantasy in F (piano version)
Stephen Malinowski, Fantasy in F (string quartet version)
Stephen Malinowski, Fugue (to Stanley Krebs)
Stephen Malinowski, Fugue in A minor
Stephen Malinowski, Fugue for Friday (Dragnet Fugue)
Stephen Malinowski, Lips Tonguelesse
Stephen Malinowski, Marvel Not, Joseph
Stephen Malinowski, SoKnitina
Stephen Malinowski, The Amber Bead
Stephen Malinowski, Untitled Tango a Dos
Stephen Malinowski, "Wedding" Etude
Stephen Malinowski, White Canon
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartet, G major, K. 465
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsokov, Flight of the Bumblebee
Erik Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1
Domenico Scarlatti, Sonata, K. 96
Domenico Scarlatti, Sonata K 455
Peter Tchaikovsky, Overture from the Nutcracker
Peter Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Sugerplum Fairy
James Tenney, Wake
Anton Webern, Variationen, opus 27 #2