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Lessons in Typing

A stream-of-consciousness typing practice session

July 14, 1976, Santa Barbara.

i'ts comforting t9 know that th8ngs still work pretty much as
i might have expected them to.    too bzd there's no electric return
on this machine.   it would have been nice to fall asleep typing.
still might be able to......
marianne c

black... and  gand  green.n

The true test ..
of beethoven's music is:
are the flys singing it?

is a fly alive...

was beethoven alive.

was andrew alive......
 if a non sequitur could have determined andrew's sex

you wouldn't have heard nim  .  ...
it's comforting ti know



rhythm go wtih'm (as in) if i could decide what the alternatives were,> i might be able to decide between them............. 1. something 2.. nothing. if i could draw what i see i wouldn't.... anything could happen. it just did. it's comforting to know that there always are more alternatives. z (than there is time or energy to consider them?) letter to schultz: thl thank you. la la coming to the conclusion.........accepting the conclusion. tra la.. (questioning the conclusion?) zen in real lifes fine. zen on mushrooms falls flate on its face. flat on its nos. fla on its nos. fl on it no. fl n ..........blah! method attacks problem. method attackts method. viewer attackts.. method..... baaaa.....
lessons in..... lrssons. \(typing. critical facility. (not missing. the thing about awareness is that if there's a fly crawling around on it this is not a ............. it is a s cript. (note inability tto to remember parenthesY spelling.) notr )))(((((())))))))999999((((9999))))))000000 hmmmm. hmmmmm.
(looks back. laughs incontrollably.) contro lls himself. (in every space left in this script, he tryies not to uhhhhhhhh. note lack of repeating u for such emergencies. (note latck of par............. b bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb... bbbbbbbb (as in blue... electric typewrite which is blue, lights up for lblue. trip description . it's just like normal, only................ inserts paper in flailing SPSPS) typweritirewer. wrwrwrwrwrwrwrwr type writer writer write write wtier w (don't look ast fingers.) d at fingers at ginge s lagughgs laughs more..... wasnt s to end ppage on this line at any cost (including margins release!!!!!) twice!!!!!! etc!!!!!!!!!!!
that was a good one. papges pile up on floor in oppodite order from that inteed. let he goddamn creative faculty cover for that slop
(at carefully reduced speed .... (adjusts paper vloses door at sound of person approaching.... consddrsssssss...... is leaving mistakes for flow (machine is set at single line, but two lines between ideas seems better. maybe three. hmmmmmmmmm((((((((alsoooooooo nooooooo repateing m) )))))))) ) final adjustment ofk paper yields correct styuff it is mu mymymymym very act of, it is my very act of ((((very pacticed_ it is my very acti of practicing which is creatiang creating mt nt nt my fingers ginerg finger d fingers gingers fingers fingers fingers fignrer sfadfjd
i like the ty ryr rhythm of is and the typewriter ink smudges on the mACHIFN fickkking laughs every one and a while it is necessary to shut the c maching ovff and sighghghghg. and tha then back to workrkrkrkr i like practicing typing typu upracti ign insert paper into machine self congracudaition congradulation he doublas... how about this learniang to type on psyslsliuc ihe letter,...??????? (where there are reapeated somethings indicates search for correct something?LLO)&%$@D FG gdt get it??? :?""" ???????)(*&&*( ) if i never look at nv jfingers the tfingers fingers, them then, everti gneverythings will be solved //./. kdgiven enough ecperiee viven given fiven giv4 given gvien figggggsfsj fjfjdfjdjgiven given enough time asnd stuff i like the flow at this gate .......fjfjfjfjfjfjfjfj indicates g ttting bearings3334ssfjs3j after cearch for correddtion songimtt blaaaaaa..............
its sort of a ritual ... putting in the paper, etc... jk,mmnhhad jhhhmmmhm hmmmmhmmmmmm i must always look when i go for a hmm hmmmmhmmmmm hhhhhhlmmmmmmmmlack get it? get .......... it alsays means one steps down the line from alwayw always alwyas step downt always always always means one step down the line always means one circlues ciccles circle....cicrcles of f programming logiv circles of programming lock gks iligic m hit"';;'asdfjsjfjffjfjfjfj'''''''''''' hmmmmmmm i hits key losi loosely dinriing carraige return, and notes lack ot hits key loosly during carraige teture, and notes lack k hits kye at random during carraige returnm,, notes that carraige will not (how about that, foldkkks its self teach at the typewritieer... return when (adrnenilin rush at high? interest!!!!! thisjdjfdfjj hmmmmhmmmhmhhmhmhjhmmmmm should you keep cool when things get hot? hmmm try it both ways i;jkl;''' i'll vet bet hk hye can't keep cookl notes than cl carraige will not return when ky key is being depressed..... now, where was that last thought? (checsk ckeckx vac bbach thro ht bach back back back through cecks, d checks check checks checks chekc checks checks checks by programming (hey, is ""that whayt i'm doing_) thd x self observation loses thought. but the process process prove process process eventurall env eventyally eventyally eventyelley egentyally eventyalls eventyall tuj uuuuuuuu this uuuu this hereuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuj i u little devil uuuuuu I ((penvmatica decvice py pnpnpnpnpn hard n
straignten sttaigeter straightennnnnn straightens str j strait that must be it,,,,,,,, bit it looks so wierd strate (su uusu suvsubsubsub sub subusubusubusubus subusubus substrate (at at asasasasa as in sub strate) it sure is hard getting down to the practiging when you're tryping typ (o i ge feel good about practicing!!!!! (paraenthti cal note.... carol came in, looked in drawer this slows you down to typing sppeeed. i wonder how fast you could ytype eventyall, rrrrrrrrrrr note lack or repaethign rrr repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating it should work the nect time. caror carol came in,, (note : (noteL:::: : jkjkl;;;;;;;;;;;so that's where that things is/ got to get the up and down of the typing of the paper holder in. i wonder if mrs. osiel practices beging b being a court reporter by writing down her thorughts as she awas was was wawawassawa fuching little finters,,,,, (i sure bet i get good at typing fucking by the tiitime i'm through. i keep tryings to go abback go back and continye lines of thourgh, but new ones keey happebibg )0 (Bonote whange t o person_ _)sthasdj_ _)(()))))))thi i'll have to b uy byt nbyyuyuyu buy one of these things nuy byu buy buy i'll ha e to b vb y one of these things 0 00(((decision to stop practicing particular iten_ note change in des density fro, from from frofrok learia learn new fingeringsds zip zipz izip hall cination call back.....strange insigh comparing lost it.
looks back at previous work . can't belive how confusing its it is tos scan wh for ev overall for, form vorm fro, fro, from fof from from vroj from fr fucking cron from fron crom frfrfromo o, om om om om om om om ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm m m m m ... sigh. back to work, am i a workaholic, i doubt it. have to keep ckecking from from from from from from fofrom from from from from from from from from from from from from from from fofrom from from from from from enough for lhe purposes of thisd thing,s,,thing tdhig,,... ... little finger for period //.////// carful of tha t shift thing////.a.... the perieod is in............ maybe with the fourth tingern ...adl..l;..;. no,. i like the little finger, good to kee keep keep meep the outside fingers of the hand strong as well. .... well.. wel...l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l. but there is that old schuchmnnaaa story schulmmann wher i look bad k at the provios sguff in reverse order to find the lass thought (how i hate that reture thethetheht t return things. i wonder if they ma e ma e naje maje bajnnnnbbbmmmmmmmmmake make make make (during strain of mmmkmmmjnjmjnjmjnjmjnjmjnnnnn hn is lef of m hup n to mmm hupn hupn two three, etc,.... .,,., in for pucturation the forward flow ss is the vest with this sort of tning, creativing vafafacutly faculyytty and all that ia rhw t is if the hahaha is if the pa plastic things were plastic plasticn things were see through O))))(((as they are supposeed to be )))))) as fkj(( L :LKJ:LKJ:LJ:LKJKL:LKJKL:LKJKL:LKJ_)JKL:JKL:*()_JKL:jkl;890--jkl;890-= it sure would have been nice isa the keys had bee arranged for for the ahdns hands,m rather than the racihhine......or mayeb i dont getd the logicjkl;uiop890-------kl;'u90-uiuiopjkl;uiopuiopuiopuiop890- i guess i can get sused t those being offset.asdfjkl;.;. but if they but if each keyd but if eack each finger were for only one kye key finger key francis scott key key dkktyld kytd ((((((( i like working with the thing uuppp.
som on my machine.......... got to have electirc backspace, carraige returnhn njmjnjmmmalin there are two atates, the sort of mediatateive type, where mr meditative type, where med med mjmjmj if i do the m wrong, it is disonrienting disorienting, ;///...sdfjkl;..;/;.;/;.;/ the flexibility of my hands is o so m uch greatier than the jucking fu problems of this machine, ben frnakll frank franklincrank frankliknlll i feel as if i'n i'm i'm i on a sea of ropes, pushing the obsolete im ti items items ititit iti items itmsk items m t items i feel weird away wtih my feet, rgrabbing for the c next idea, (as if were already there? s?_ ))) trying to stak calm calm calm stay stay saty stay stay stay stya stay calm calm calm calm calm the m mmmmm m middle finger for m ,,,mmm, ,m jm m kmmiddle finger fo m mmmmm middle md middle net nect nesx nexr next next next next next next next next next next next n perhaps a tape for contis tinioius continouos, vbut i gues s its alwaread been incvesnrnted hn handling personal things when i'm m on hall........... is so strange. got to get used ot is. it
that word. rest dgo wlith tnthe flow. d a as ckeck indicates piane feeling technique piano fo for ceck checking for spsition,._ time...5:13..... for rest. acna't keep yup forward activity for forward ward ward ward.... in for periend... like that digitzl clock. like that sel ov obaweeRIOB .... i wwonder what the paianoe would be like.., mosr more togrther. shall call mother about ldineer. like that straight interaction. . now or some pianeo piano. don't try to go too fast in this typing ubuysiness..... i very grod gred moor type high/ . tieme, 1 7 555';120 4555;: 4: 5:20. . insert for toe h roo, ooooooo no red rigbvvvvbbbbafdbbon;/.,m otherother oterh oterh otototo other ththth other other other other other other other other other . ,like therd is no other (other_)
found the power return in owther other w rood rrr roow 400m tricket page guide, sseee ruffled see see see fugg ruffled ecge, sure it wrirrwhirring loudly and when the page thing happens, i mean the return' its a real shocker' probablt probobaly wouldn't be so wierd if you were straignt still has a manual backspacd , though................. and it sure it is is ould loid oid lou loul loud. got to make sure the perfect mack machine isn't too loud feeling like gerouf george pen pen pos pontis the ul timate machine ( like an ossiciliscopre+_ yh this has the p000== + esideds.............................. time 5:25.' thers;s's a clock in every room./ i like this house. and not just fof the for the clock n in every rood.......m
frantic but fun.


He set up the machine by the bed to allow for typing with one hand while lying down. No position works, so for the first part of the session, he is up and down every minute or so. [BACK]

Visions of snakes and murky water, of venous blood in your arm, of trees and bark, the elements of coolness and smoothness.[BACK]

Flies play a big part in the whole "what is real?" train of throught. Since there are always flies around, they serve as a constant reminder to ask the question.[BACK]

He thinks of flies as little machines.[BACK]

This is a non-sequitur.[BACK]

Andrew Carbon, a cat, was present at previous times when relative age, time, and the nature of reality were being considered.[BACK]

A self-referential non-sequitur.[BACK]

This is the first "practicing" -- practicing the first sentence.[BACK]

"What I see" was a poster showing the bottoms of people's feet (hung on the wall of the bedroom); the feet swarmed.[BACK]

He had a mistaken idea that Einstein believed that anything could be questioned, that any theory or principle could be found to be untrue. (Einstein's "God does not play dice" comment is a good counter-example of this.)[BACK]

That would be Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts.[BACK]

The unfound word here is probably something like "book" -- a thing to be read internally; he felt that this experience was too intense to be purely internal.[BACK]

"Lights up" refers to the hue of the typewriter becoming more intense.[BACK]

A little more practicing.[BACK]

Here, the urge to end a page and start afresh loses to the urge to explain what is happening (on the same page on which it is happening).[BACK]

This is a typo; it should be "critical faculty."[BACK]

He notices that bad practicing creates bad habits.[BACK]

Should be "of it," of course. This refers to the rhythm of moving among the bed, the typewriter, and the pad of paper from which sheets are being taken.[BACK]

He intended to write something like: I like the typewriter ink smudges being on the machine but not on the paper, because it suggests that even an imperfect creator can make a perfect creation.[BACK]

He's referring to the mushroom.[BACK]

Thoughts are separated from each other by several blank lines, so consecutive lines indicate a single thought.[BACK]

Since this was years before he ever encountered a computer, it's hard to say what he meant by that.[BACK]

When you're excited, you tend to make mistakes, but it's also good for improving the flow of thoughts.[BACK]

What's meant here is "mnemonic."[BACK]

Marianne's mother worked as a court reporter, and was a very good one.[BACK]

"hupn" is a mnemonic device for remembering the placement of n.[BACK]

He doesn't like the fact that the keys aren't arranged in a rectangular array.[BACK]

"The thing" is the pinch roller arm.[BACK]

Should be "states" (can't this guy learn to type?).[BACK]

The "sea of ropes" idea was not new to this session, and has surfaced many times since (including as Music Harness).[BACK]

He considers his feelings (especially nervousness) on Carol (Marianne's friend) coming into the room.[BACK]

The word "it," that is.[BACK]

He calls home to say he won't be coming home for dinner; the conversation goes remarkably smoothly.[BACK]

Greg always had drug experiences which boosted his interest in life and general level of confidence.[BACK]

A foray to another bedroom led to the discovery of another electric typewriter -- this one with the longed-for power return key (which was next to the single-quote key, you'll notice...).[BACK]

This is the climax of a religious piece he was imagining.[BACK]