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Stephen and Lisa Build a Back Porch

First, we used Alan's electric jack hammer to remove what was left of the old concrete porch:

Then, we installed aluminum flashing to keep water out:

A couple of car jacks were useful in holding the ledger board in place and level ...

... while Lisa screwed in the bolts to hold it in place:

The electric jack hammer made digging the post holes a snap, too; the only real work was to remove the dirt, which Lisa did with a soup ladle:

Once the holes were dug, we put cardboard forms in them and covered them to keep extra dirt from falling in (an unnecessary precaution, as it turned out):

Then, we attached the joists to the ledger:

and filled the forms with concrete (mixed in Alan's handy-dandy mixer, which you roll on the ground with your feet):

Since we couldn't reach under the threshold to nail the decking on, we attached a 4x4 to extend past it. (This turned out to be unnecessary, too, since the decking was firm even without this.)

Once the cement hardened, we cut the decking and put it into place (this photo actually gives you the best idea of how the porch looks next to the house):

We added a couple of extra blocks between the front joist and the front facing piece so that it'd be more stable:

Done! (Well, except for covering up the supports, and making a step to get up to the porch, and repairing the siding of the house, and doing some landscaping around it...)

Oh, and how could we neglect to give credit to Alan, who lent us tools, gave us moral support, and told us how we should do things (we mostly took his advice) and what we'd done wrong (we mostly didn't try to fix it).