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Non-music Inventions of Stephen Malinowski

Except for the Servant, these are in a stage somewhere between an idea and a working prototype.

1979, Comfortable Bed, has multiple densities of foam, with most compressible on top; sheets and bedding are not tucked, but rather attached so they are loose but cannot be "stolen" by either sleeper.

1979, Calendar, personalized, allowing history of all important events, viewable at various scales of magnification.

1979, Reaching device, combines needle-nose pliers and a long flexible tube.

1979, Toaster, in which shutoff is controlled by level of brownness (as detected in reflected light).

1984, Double Mouse, which combines a mouse and a trackball to give more axes of control.

1987, Servant, a document holder (U. S. Patent 4,790,506, with Douglas George).

1989, One-handed Phoneme Generator, a way to "speak" with your hands.

1990, Water Wall, an invigorating, moving-stream shower, based on fluidics (no moving parts except air and water).

1991, Bubbles, a computer-assisted diagram drawing tool; like a flow-charting tool, except more fluid; things you create resize and reposition themselves dynamically, automatically.

1992, Stack Game, in which you are taught to develop mental "stacks" (FILO queues) of increasing depth.

1992, Creativity Enhancer, an interactive toy for children that encourages them to do "interesting" things.