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What There Ought To Be

What There Ought To Be

Everybody who has a web site has a special page with special HTML tags that identifies it as that particular person's personal "What There Ought To Be" web page. The HTML tags would allow web spiders to know that it was this kind of page, and would therefore expect to find certain kinds of things there, such as:

  • products and services that person wants, but which don't exist
  • ways to use the Internet
  • new social conventions
  • Story Tracker

    New reports cover the tail of the dog.

    Better Description of the Sense

    Vision, Hearing, Smell and Taste are pretty clear-cut, but Touch covers a lot of ground. There are obvious things like pressure, temperature, and lots of types of pain. But there are also less obvious ones like balance and nausea. You can tell when there's adrenaline in your system, but what kind of feeling is that?

    Programming for Kids

    Programming is another kind of literacy like reading and math. Arguably more useful than math.

    Voting Cryptography

    cryptographic solution to voter fraud insurance/brakes/patterns of behavior

    Driving Test

    does telling people "don't have an accident today" have a result?