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Lately (since my wife left me), I've been cooking for myself ... some of the things I've made have turned out well ... I'll put some here from time to time ...
Chard with chicken chorizo

Separate red chard into stems and leaves;
chop up the stems and saute them in
walnut oil; after they're fairly soft, add some
clam bouillon (Better Than Bouillon is what I use), and
sliced chicken chorizo (I get it from Trader Joe's);
while that's cooking, chop up the
chard leaves, and after a few minutes,
add them to the pot; cover and simmer for a while.

Serves 1
Beef jerky

Slice beef not too thin
(it helps to have a meat slicer); marinate in
soy sauce,
lemon juice, and (if it doesn't gross you out)
liquid smoke for a few hours (in the past I've also added
Worcestershire sauce); the length of time
you marinate determines how salty it gets.
Dry it in a food dryer (I use one like this) or,
if you have an oven with a gas pilot light, in the oven.
It takes a day or two to dry;
you want to take pieces out as soon as
they are not soft, but before they are brittle.

Serves 1 (but you'll offer some to your friends, right?)
Bagel croutons

This one happened by accident the first time; some
bagels had started to get mold on them,
so I cut off the outsides, diced them into 1 cm. cubes,
put them on a baking sheet, doused them with
olive oil, and put them in the oven
(turned up all the way) for a few minutes.
It turned out I liked them more than most chips or
crackers I'd been eating, so now I buy a couple of
extra (plain) bagels, and make them as snacks.

The baking time is critical, because they can go from
"not done at all" to "burned beyond salvation"
in under three minutes. I set a timer for two minutes,
check, set for two, check, set for two ...

Serves 1 (unless you have guests and use them in a salad)

Nothing esoteric here, just satisfying:
toasted bagel with slices of
smoked mozzerela cheese, with
avocado spread over it, topped with slices of

artichoke with

Pixie mandarins.

Peet's Italian Roast coffee.

Serves 1
Crab mushroom rice

This showed some promise: boil
basmati rice with some
olive oil and
saffron in the water; chop and cook
mushrooms in
white vermouth and a little
when the rice is almost done, turn it down, and add (not too much)
vegetable bouillon and
olive puree to the mushrooms;
turn off the rice when it is done (and cover it), and cook the mushrooms until most of the liquid has boiled off; add
crab meat (I used canned crab from Trader Joe's) and cook it for a couple of minutes; then mix everything together.

Serves 1 (but with lots left over for later)