Background reading (re: Stephen Malinowski and the Music Animation Machine)

History / Perspective
History of the MAM project (1974-2011)
YouTube Milestones (2005-present)
Progress (putting my work in perspective)

How videos are made
Production Notes (details for various pieces)
Synchronization (how I make the video match the audio)
Pitch Recognition (why I have to do score preparation by hand)

Voronoi (exploration of Voronoi tessellation)
BWV 1007 (exploration of bowing)
VRing (exploration of variable ring graphics object)
Chaconne (animation of Bach's D minor chaconne)
Chromadepth (exploration of 3D glasses)

Animation design
Renderers (methods for showing notes)
Techniques (ways renderers can be used)
Scrolling (how horizontal motion is used)
Harmonic Coloring (how to use color to show tonality and pitch relationships)

Other music projects/inventions
Harmonizer (tool for exploring pitch relationships)
Conductor program (computer-assisted musical performance)

Working with/for others
Collaborations and commissions (work with me, or hire me)
Requests (why I don't take them)
Portfolio (work I've done for others)
Collaborators (people I've worked with)
Work for hire (hire me)
Underwriting (help me pay production costs)
Clients (people who have hired me)