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Web pages citing the Music Animation Machine

These videos are a stunning contrast to what music visualization has come to mean in the dawn of Winamp and Windows media style psychedelic representations. Not that those aren't amazing, but there is something ultimately more satisfying about actually being able to read the structure of music is the way shown here It is the architecture of momentary sounds, and in this you can really see the brilliance of their construction, much in the same way as the Coltrane skyscraper.

Worst Organ Videos: I'm not talking about the people not being able to play well, I'm talking about people who are a disgrace to the organ world. ... Bach is rolling over in his grave... neat idea though ...

This is kind of cool, but honestly, I don't think it's that great. You can see the same thing (basically) if you just look at some sheet music. Or a player piano tape, except that'd be rotated 90 degrees.

Old, but worth mentioning ... if for no other reason that you're thinking about color in new ways as you stare into your green beer for St. Patrick's Day. (Or even a green river, a la Chicago.) The Music Animation Machine renders familiar music as series of colored bars, in still image or animated video, reminiscent of a piano roll editor in a sequencing application. Color represents harmonic area, so as you look at the piece you see form, structure, shape, and harmony in new ways. It certainly raises some interesting questions: with new tools at our disposal, what might be a more useful (or visually exciting) way of looking at music? With interactive tools, you could even play with the resulting renderings in real-time. I'm sure I can come up with a really compelling idea if I drink enough green ale. Or, at least, I'll start to think it's really compelling.

Stephen Malinowski - inspiration, MAM (see also)

Just to prove that I'm not a total uncouth cultureless lout, I came across this on Grow A Brain and was stunned by the quality of the performance.

No seriously - this is AWESOME. I saw it one day on HUT - Howard University TV. and google led me to their website. You can watch several vids on here... they go well with some maui wowi! This is some classical nerd psychedelic SHIT - totally 80's style!!

One of the more recent efforts at bridging the ocular-sonic chasm is the Music Animation Machine, a project we find irresistably compelling.

This is an insanely brilliant musical version of an Ogden Nash poem.

I don't know why but this thing drove me mad I actually killed a man after watching it. ... Mesmerizing... And yet, what the fuck? Is there a point..? ... That was one of the more beautiful things I've ever experienced ...I don't know whether to say I saw the face of God, or perhaps, "My God... It's full of stars..."

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Look at the guy’s history section, some of the stuff he’s done since then is really neat.

I recommend downloading the 6 songs and watching his Music Animation Machine at work.

This is a video that the Music Animation Machine created. It's kind of radical.


Äußerst interessante Informationen zur Visualisierung von Musik bietet die Webseite von Stephen Malinowski: die Geschichte der Music Animation Machine, Downloads und verschiedene Strategien zur Darstellung von Harmonien und Instrumenten.

Sound Visualization Project for Education and Entertainment

Freeware : The Conductor Program — computer-mediated musical performance

a display of a musical score without any measures or clefs, in which information about the music's structure is conveyed with bars of color representing the notes. these bars scroll across the screen as the music plays. their position on the screen conveys the pitch & the timing in relation to each other. different colors denote different instruments or voices, thematic material, or tonality, lighting up at the exact moment it sounds.

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Entertaining and educational presentation of musical notes – introduced to me by Edward Tufte about a year ago.

I think I have found a tool that might be of special interest to you.

Pianoroll-based notations of music and other types of graphical visualizations of music by Stephen Malinowski.

Stephen Malinowski has posted Quicktime vids of his Music Animation Machine, a program he developed independently in the '80s using DOS while the music and graphic worlds changed all around him. Fans of Oskar Fischinger, the pioneer, art Deco music animator hired and fired for Disney's Fantasia, and Edward Tufte, the design guru who stresses clean, logical presentation of visual information, should both be impressed by this project. Compositions by Bach, Beethoven, etc. slowly scroll left to right in a notation that looks like a MIDI editing grid, reduced to a range of basic colors against a black field. Malinowski highlights the parts playing in the present in the center of the field, so the eye can easily follow all the melody lines. The project is intended to give the viewer an intuitive sense of what's happening in music, ostensibly for educational purposes, but the scrolls are also artworks on the synesthetic frontier, tickling those synapses where musical and visual pleasure responses precisely overlap. Only one of the videos posted is Malinowski's own music, and it hints at creative possibilities for his medium beyond just animating the old masters. Somewhere to the right of the screen shot here a dense Lego-like clump scrolls by for just about as long as the ear wants to hear pure Lego, before returning to the tonal main theme. The deliberate push-pull between melody and abstraction, and between audial and ocular expectations, is territory that ought to be explored more. (Hat tip for the link to Cory Arcangel, whose own work deals with similar issues on an aggressive, cinematic scale, and with electro instead of Beethoven.)

A related type of notation is used in several animations produced by Malinowski (2005). In Figure 5, time and pitch are plotted on the same axes as in Brinkman and Mesitis graphic, with two differences: pitches are not connected with vertical lines to show larger gestures, and the input is a MIDI file, which means the graph is based on performance data rather than notated durations. (Of course Brinkman and Mesiti’s graphs could also use performance timing, and Malinowski’s MIDI files could be generated with strictly quantized data, so this distinction is not particularly meaningful.) Malinowski uses color effectively to represent different parts of the four-part musical texture: the chorale melody being played in the first and third parts are in darker colors. I have added lines to show how the lower part imitates the upper in this excerpt. The faster-moving accompanying parts are depicted with a lighter color. (White is used for the currently sounded notes.)

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The exhibit also features video installations by Farheen HaQ and the Music Animation Machine by Stephen Malinowski.

revealing history timeline

a display of a musical score without any measures or clefs...

I found this site that has videos of famous music pieces where the musical score has been animated with a simple animation technique. It's interesting to "see" the notes being played, rather than just reading sheet music.

A looping video that shows a visual representation of voices singing a poem by Ogden Nash.

Others have attempted such [ but this is ] the first time I felt I've truly seen music. ... surprisingly beautiful ... a treasure ... mesmerizing.

This can be a useful tool for music teachers and such, but it's just downright cool to look at ... Please, please, please do not look at the animation downloads for the Music Animation Machine. They are really poor quality, they are really jumpy and they will only ruin your impression of what the Music Animation Machine is before you even get a chance to see the real thing. Sorry, I know that was a little but abrupt, but I wanted to make sure that no one got the wrong idea about this ... because it's really cool.

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This really is an interesting website and worth exploring for the full story on the development of this software, and discussion of the more technical aspects of whats involved, ie., sine waves, spectrograms, harmonics, chords, octaves, psychoacoustic dissonance, etc.(you can even download some short movies of simple versions of the animator). This is all over my head, so I won't even attempt to explain what's going on.

I just rediscovered the Music Animation Machine (those samples are worth viewing, BTW). Inspiration struck!

The Music Animation Machine is a tool for visualizing music in new ways using video and computer formats. It helps the listener to understand the music in an intuitive way by displaying a scrolling animation of coloured bars that light up on the screen as the music plays.

Cool to see it in action if you’re into earlier electronic music.

An absolute barrage of beautiful sound and visuals,Vimeo user Musanim crafted "Frog Round" ... If I were to compare it to something ... I'd say it's like being alone in a giant crystal cathedral ... and standing in front of you is a robot choir singing to their cold mechanical gods ... You sit on a gray slate and close your eyes, the icy air burning your cheeks as the melodic pipes burst forth with glorious notes. ... or something like that.

Comments in response ...

... to Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on YouTube: wow thats cool ... Awesomeness.. I love it. ... nice!! ... So easy to hear (and see, with the animation) that this is Baroque. 8) ... This is amazing. ... omg that is soooooooooooooooooo coooooooool!!! i love the little bar thingys ... wow.. never seen this song in action before :D ... Bravo! Fantastic!!! ... wow~~~~~~~great work! who play this? ... oh man....that visualization just intrigued me....i followed every bit of that....COOL ... brilliant! ... Even though I have heard bach's toccata and fugue in D minor many time and in many versions, the visualisation of this was simply amazing. It made me hear things I didnt pay attention to. ... I just had a seizure. ... F-F-FREAKIN' AWESOMME! ... For some reason this is the version of this piece that I've enjoyed the most. That graphical thing seems simple but is pretty entertaining. ... Do not like this rendition ... my only complaint, after viewing the score of this piece is that alot more fermata are taken in this particular take on this piece. ... EXTRAORDINARIO!!! ... That's pretty awsome. ... Technical exchanges aside, its a beautiful rendition worth savoring. Like your "Clair de Lune", its quite enjoyable and visually mesmerizing. Another fine work of art (labor of love, perhaps?) ... Truly amazing.. and the video.. was great too ... Kudos to you!! This is most excellent. Indeed, it brought tears to my eyes. ... unbelievable awesome! also great vid, i love it! ... damnit, it's so freaking addictive!! ... Absolutely incredible! ... ¡que bonito! ... its particularly enjoyable to see the fugue on this graphical score, the uniquely satisfying way the counterpoint fits together. ... la crema de putah ... Muito bom mesmo! ... hehe thats cool ... It wonderful! thats all i can say. Thank you ... Having it visualized is really great, as another poster said it's like you can hear more notes because you become more acutely aware of them thru visualization. awsome thanks. ... Just perfect!! ... Dead on my friend! ... speechless ... excellent! great job.. thanks ... GREAT JOB!!! ... wooooooooow this is cool! ... THAT WAS AWESOME DUDE....THANX foR Posting ur Video ... thats tripy as hell ... Holy shit this rules ... wicked awesome ... OMG i nearly cried at how beautiful that was. ... that doesn't mean anything ... Unreal! Once you start watching you just can't stop. Bravo! ... absolutely breathtaking ... I'm not much into classical music, but seeing the themes and recurring melodies visually is really engaging ... Wow, you can almost read the music! You can actually see the correlation of the spaces between the bars and intervals in the chords. Very well put together! Brain food!! ... SEHR, SEHR GUT mit dem Computer Bild !!!! SCHOEN !!! ... My eyes are melting!!! ... Loved your articulations. ... A treat for the ears as well as the eyes. ... wow...and wow again. that was seemingly so simple with the little Pong dashes and stuff but I just sat there and I was really amazed. Very well done!!! ... thats about as exciting as watching a player piano... oh, wait... Suprisingly trippy... very, very, very good indeed ... WOW!!!!!!!!!!! ... Goodness gracious! Thank you so much for posting this it actually is helping me concentrate better. ... absolutely amazing ... superb video!!! ... Super... prof d'éducation musicale ravie, pleins d'idées ... Brilliant. Bravo. ... not really my cup of tea ... And this was done originally, and, well, much better, by Voyetra's MIDI suite. ... check out my video response i think my interpretation is somewhat better ... It's an awesome way to see the music! ... Much too slow and disjointed in parts. ... You captured exactly what I see when I hear music. Perfect job! Way to go! ... It's sheet music for people who cant read music. Way Cool. ... i'm weeping while i'm listening to this music. ... truely a masterpiece and great work... and great job on the vid *wipes away a tear* ... Absolutely mesmerising. I'll watch it again. ... in a word... EPIC ... Çok Guzel ... Great... it's fanstastic ... that was godlike ... It sounds fake as hell. ... Best music lesson I ever had. Enjoyable, informative. Encore! ... Absolutely fantastic. ... without a doubt the coolest thing ive ever seen !!!! ... On Vimeo: I've heard the T&F a few zillion times -- I really enjoyed your performance. And the visuals are astounding; I learned a few new things about the piece!

... to Clair de lune on YouTube: I've been collecting "Clair de Lune" renditions for a long time and this is one of the finest I've ever heard. It is comparable to some of the live recordings I have, but visually more mesmerizing, yet it retains its haunting beauty. ... the "feeling" leaches out of every note! ... i cried ... The most beautiful thing I've ever heard ... i didn't get the point? With the video? [...later...] aah, i got it ... A lovely animation & a refreshingly non-soppy & articulate performance of Debussy ... This is good although I would prefer circles over squares ... people who know how a real piano sounds can't get enough of it, and this ain't real piano. ... Who plays this? The interpretation is extraordinary. ... This was my brother's favorite piece of music before he lost his hearing. I showed him this the other day and he started crying and then I started crying and my mum started crying. By the end of the performance my whole family was crying. Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful visual presentation ~ Thank you. ... Love it. Very dignified, the world needs more dignity. ... beautiful; glad that i alive today ... This makes my heart bleed and sing at the same time. So romantic. So erotic. Wonderful music and video. I have showed it to my son to help him with his piano and talked about how this piece makes us feel. ... OMG THAT WAZ SO TOO BUITIFUL FOR WORDS ... SUPERB performance ... If you feel eroticism in this music, you need your ears checked. ... Whooooooooooooo-YEA!!! on Vimeo: Wonderful song, wonderful video. ... brilliant and original. making a good song even better. ... Really striking mate! I love it ... nice concept! ... so rad ...

... to Frog Round on YouTube: The first time in a long while that I really enjoyed an electronic music experience! ... amazing... This is my new favorite. I just played it three times. damn. ... OMG THE SONG! So... beautiful! Somehow! Strange! Strange strangely Intreating! I don't know how to express this... feeling. It's more than tingle in the spine. This song just hit me right in the groove and omg orgasm. I love thee. Thank you 10million!!!!! ... Excellent job! ... this is quite reasonably the best thing ever ... I could listen to it forever ... Clever, but one minute of this is PLENTY. ... This is absolutely wonderful. To echo what somebody already said, I (too) can listen to this forever! ... what the fuck is this? ...Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I cant believe how entertained I was ... I CANT STOP WATCHING it O.O ... This is incredible. ... That was quite possably the funniest, wierdest thing i've ever seen on youtube, Ever. ... no one has impressed me musically quite so much as you in quite sometime ... You've really done something great here. on Vimeo: I'm addicted to this! I can't get it out of my head and find myself whistling it. ...

... to A Stone's Throw on YouTube: It is utter poetry. Marvelous! To make the eyes move while considering what the ears hear is genius! Each person gets unique information from memory and sees this another way. I wish I would frame this moving pieces of art and place them in my home.

... to Chopin, Etude, opus 10 #7 on YouTube: the colors seem a lil dull ... holy crap that looks hard to play ... it doesn't do anything for me ... Damn, those are alot of fuckin notes!!! ... Chopin is one of my favorites, but this song is just fast hard-to-play junk.

... to Scarlatti, Sonata, K. 455 on YouTube: This is a great use of this site — seriously, it's much better than nearly everything else on here (except the puking videos; those are pretty good too). ... extreme superb-ness ... Awesome dude ... on Vimeo: Fantastic visual idea!

... to Chopin, Nocturne, opus 27 #2 on YouTube: An extremely interesting and highly visual approach to musical analysis ... i am mesmerized. ... Incredible visualization! ... It's like math and music's honey-moon on video! ... beautiful. I was transported. ... incredible, congratulations. This work is perfect!! ... mmmmm, it's so pretty!!! ... not exactly what i envision when listening to this peice, or any peice, but none-the-less it is absolutley fascinating ... The music is good but the visualisation...i mean WHOAH ... My eyes go crazy after watching this ... This is just DEADLY------one note after another with no attempt at phrasing and no change in dynamics whatsoever. This must be an ELECTRONIC instrument, is that correct? The only thing that saves it from sounding like a robot is the way the pianist never can seem to get his or her hands together------not a plus. It's all bu-DOP bu-DOP bu-DOP! GHASTLY! ... Breathtaking ... The music is relaing but that spidery crawling thing just freaks me out ... the most complicated graphical score ever ... This is a brilliant piece of work! Congratulations--the beauty of the intervals is like a light or star show! wonderfule and breathtaking. This may have been recorded at half speed and then speeded up for this presentation. It's accurate, but completely unmusical. ... you butcher the necessary rubato needed in this pieace (especially in the running base) to match ur stupid connecting the dots animation, it sounds like a fucking synth not a piano too. ... chopin is turning over in his grave. On Vimeo: This is very cool. It feels good to be introduced to a new way of visualizing music.

... to William Byrd, Fantasy a 3 on YouTube: Just wonderful! Made me :) I wish there were more Byrd on YT. I am also a little surprised there is no John Bull at all. If you can post his beautifully dry and dignified in nomine (MB#12) I would be most grateful. ...

... to John Bull, In Nomine (MB#12) on YouTube: You are crazy good.

... to White Canon on YouTube: Very witty! ... sorry to say, but I didn't like this at all ... This is pure art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Vimeo: Funniest thing I've heard since Bach!

... to William Byrd, The Leaves Be Green on YouTube: This is a remarkable piece of music, and your effort has moved me1 thank u

... to Jesus Christus Unser Heiland on YouTube: Listening pleasure with eye-candy. Attention: Genius at Work. ...

... to Fugue to Stanley Krebs on YouTube: i loved this piece :) saw it 3 times :D

... to Dragnet Fugue, "Fugue for Friday" on YouTube: so clutch! ... This is awesome. ... BRILLIANT! ... I LOVE it!! ... on Vimeo: This is so terrific!! ... Oh my god, that is hilarious! Dragnet as classical music? Awesome! ... I gotta admit, I never would've thought of doing something like this, but somehow it works.

... to Computer Sings About the Devil on YouTube: ... Nice. Thanks for that. ... very very very cool ! ... Powerful stuff! A joy to listen to and an interesting visual. Love it. ... Great ! It sounds like a Kubrick's movy ! ... on Vimeo: I like this... no... I love this :) its ace

... to J. S. Bach's "Little" Fugue on YouTube: Very nice. ... I love this project and I salute you! ... Beautiful choice and nicely executed! ... Your color scrolling bars make it so much easier to understand Fugue! ... This is brilliant! ... for fucks sake mane this is ridicously good. ... Now THIS is a fugue! ... this really helped me fully understand the concept of a fugue ... this video is a GREAT educational tool ...

... to J. S. Bach's Bach Organ Trio Sonata III, 3rd movement on YouTube: great work ... This has made my day. ... I didn`t know that Bach could sound so nice. ... Like always, a most excellent job. ...