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When I recommend a book a second time, I put it on this list.

Bregman, Albert S., Auditory Scene Analysis, 1990, MIT Press

Brown, G. Spencer, Laws of Form, 1969, E. P. Dutton

Cogan, Robert, New Images of Musical Sound, 1984, Harvard University Press

Clynes, Manfred, Sentics, The Touch of Emotions, 1977, Anchor Press, Doubleday

Feller, William, An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, 1968, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Huron, David, Sweet Anticipation, Music and the Psychology of Expectation, 2006, MIT Press

Lakatos, Imre, Proofs and Refutations, The Logic of Mathematical Discovery, 1976, Cambridge University Press

Mathieu, W. A., Harmonic Experience, Tonal Harmony from its Natural Origins to its Modern Expression, 1997, Inner Traditions International

Noë, Alva, Action In Perception (Representation and Mind), 2006, MIT Press

Parncutt, Richard, Harmony: A Psychoacoustical Approach, 1989, Springer-Verlag

Rosen, Charles, Piano Notes, The World of the Pianist, 2002, Free Press, Simon & Schuster

Sloboda, John, Exploring the Musical Mind, cognition, emotion, ability, function, 2005, Oxford University Press

Temperley, David, The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures, 2001, MIT Press

Tenney, James, A History of ‘Consonance’ and ‘Dissonance’, 1988, Excelsior Music Publishing Company

Tufte, Edward R., The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 1983, Graphics Press

Whitney, John, Digital Harmony: On the Complementarity of Music and Visual Art, 1981, McGraw-Hill