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Visualization (Music Animation Machine)

Music & Sound


Freeware MAM MIDI Player

Harmonizer: iPad app

Computer-assisted Performance

Freeware Conductor Program

Fruitcake Recipe

Hiccup Cures

Magical Number Seven

MAM software

MIDI Player (Windows freeware)
   People using MIDI Player on YouTube

What's it all about?

Description of MAM notation
What is the MAM for?
Conversation with Alex Voorhoeve
Music visualization manifesto
Music visualization notebook
Production notes

History of the scrolling score project
(click to view YLEM segment)

Origin of the bar-graph score
   full score
   piano reduction
   scrolls (paper and otherwise)
   stop-motion animation?
   no, computer animation ...
   on the Atari 800 (1985)
   full MAM image (1988)

Beyond the scrolling score

The past
   Visualizing tonality
   Showing interval types
   Tuning systems
   Timbre and inflection
   Computer-assisted performance
   Shape and motion
   1998-2001 experiments
The present
   Harmonic motion
   Synchronize to audio recordings
The future
   Voice Tracker (visualizing timbre)
   Fisheye view
   Music Animation Construction Set

MAM in the public eye

At the Textile Museum of Canada
Ted Rust, Seeing Music
Online cites and comments
Article references
Classic Arts Showcase

All the music on this site

Videos and audio
Scores (listen or print)
   All compositions
   Recorder music
   Arrangements, settings, etc.

Musical inventions

Computer-assisted performance
   Conductor Program (Win/Mac)
   Other interfaces
      Lizard trampoline
      (in)Complete list
   Pieces performed with it
   View YLEM segment
Voice Tracker (visualizing timbre)
Byzintune (tool for Byzantine chant)
Harmonic coloring based on the perfect fifth
DYAD (visualizing interval sets)
Furry, an FFT-like view of rhythm (MS-DOS)
Rhythm cards (the body as metronome)
Software for studying intervals and scales
   Interval & Division (MS-DOS)
Tantrum (Mac OS9)
Instruments indicated by note shape
Wake, by James Tenney
Interval lattice
Thirds guitar
Violin keyboard
Other experiments

Musical instruments

Accordion + harmonica = harmonetta
Cutting Remarks, razor band interview
My organ pedalboard project

Music theory and acoustics

Tuning and temperament
   It doesn't add up (comma)
   Just interval
   The family of equal-interval tunings
   Tantrum: visualizing tuning systems
Musical scales

Music exercises and essays

Frog Round
Rhythm cards (body as metronome)
   Piano skill acquisition
   Attention in keyboard playing
   Contrapuntal keyboard exercises
   Fugue playing
   Letter to J. Carmichael re: playing Froberger

Music Hardware

Windows XP Driver for GarageKey MIDI Keyboard
Alternate Music Controllers

Recommendations (most music-related)

YouTube and other Video


Audification (turning data into sound)
Music and synesthesia
Visualizing Cardiac Sounds
   Extracting attributes of a sound
   Using a circular graph

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Inventions & explorations

My To Do list (as of 2005)
Choice (dynamic preference)
Where did it come from?
Computer product support
What there ought to be
Servant (document holder)
Net Release (one-time web royalties)
RevLink (reverse hypertext link)
Seeking advantage
Things I invented too!
Unexplained visual artifact(s)
Too small to classify


Typing Master Class, tutor for expert typists
   Background and future plans
   Lessons in typing (a dream)
Typing exercises
QHKCSTFPN, mouth-like typewriter keyboard

Language, speech, & writing

Origin unknown (words of unknown origin)
Is etymology influenced by humor?
Varieties of left-handed writing
Nomenclature of full blood relations
Wiggle word, just for fun
Computer calligraphy
Speech tool
Phoneme animal, toy for a babbling infant
Making discourse manifest
The future of language (graphlang)


Hiccup cures
Product recommendations
Good for warts and shining shoes
Articles by others
   The Magical Number Seven
Pushing the Envelope, mail art exhibit
Cable housekeeping
iPod Shuffle Adapter for Car Stereo
diPod Photos
eBay Bidding Problem
Conceptualizing proportion
Making appointments
Tips and Techniques
ISP traffic display
Fruitcake recipe
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny?
Rubik's Cube on YouTube?


Malinowski photographs
What Stephen looks like
Miller photographs
How not to spell Stephen's name
Unrelated to Bronislaw