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There's something that happens in this video ...
	The Practise
	YouTube user: gregowich
	Added March 4, 2007

that I think is very effective ...

Part of the reason I say that is that it "worked" for me (in the sense of "made intuitive sense") before I even understood it.  At about 0:58, there's a transition in which the sound track and the animation both go off into something which is at once related to what came before and very different from it.  In the sound track, the melodic elements that came before are present, but fragmented, and are very small against the texture which dominates.  Likewise, visually, some pieces of the 'cello float around, against a backdrop of a huge landscape.

Only on the second time through did I figure out what this all meant: the music in this dream sequence was probably the orchestral part of a concerto that the 'cellist had been practicing the solo part for, and the segue to this landscape was an expression of the 'cellist regaining contact with this larger context.  At least, that's my interpretation.  But my point is: this sequence was meaningful to me in an expressive sense, in a way that didn't require a real-world narrative, before I made this interpretation.

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