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Hi Stephen,

This is indeed weird, years ago when I was studying computer animation to acquire the skills to create DFR I visited your site in order to see what kind of exploration had been done in this area. Interestingly enough yours was the only one that was attempting to take standard notational concepts and translate them further into a more dynamic computer generated context.

My own exploration into visualisation emerged from a similar desire to express what I saw in my own head onto the screen. As a classically trained cellist, however, my internal imagery was also very much influenced by my academic understanding of music. I am fascinated with the idea of translating all of this harmonic structure and acoustic texture which we experience aurally into a similar level of visual detail using principals of representation that have already been well established. I'm curious whether from this a form of visual aesthetic can emerge onto which one can project a personal narrative, as we do when we listen to (particularly classical) music.

I am still in the process of building my site, you can however explore my work some more at http://priorityspace.com.au



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