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Conversation between Alex and Stephen

2007feb05 Alex posted D-F-R on YouTube and told Stephen about it by linking it to the Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
2007feb05 Stephen responded "Wonderful video ... how did it come about?"
2007feb05 Alex responded and pointed Stephen to his site.
2007feb06 Stephen responded enthusiastically.
2007feb06 Alex gives some more background about his goals.
2007feb07 Stephen asked what is meant by "abstract," "the same," etc..
2007feb07 Stephen writes about visually emotional narrative.
2007feb07 Stephen writes about the use of accidentals in notation.
2007feb10 Alex responded.
2007feb12 Stephen writes about narrative, teaching, correspondences, expectation.
2007feb20 Alex responded.
2007feb22 Stephen responded to Alex's question about emotional analogy.
2007feb23 Stephen talks about "formal elements," and visual analogies.
2007feb23 Alex responds.
2007feb23 Stephen talks a little about expectation.
2007feb24 Alex talks about expectation in D-F-R.
2007feb24 Stephen responds.
2007mar01 Alex presents an idea for a harmonic spiral.
2007mar02 Stephen asks some questions about the harmonic spiral.
2007mar06 Alex answers Stephen's questions and revises his model.
2007mar06 Stephen talks about pitch spirals.
2007mar06 Stephen adds a P.S. about Norm Spier's tools and recommendations.
2007mar17 Alex explains why he's interested in spirals and spectrograms.
2007mar18 Stephen talks about experience versus knowledge and symbolic versus structural associations.
2007mar22 Alex makes a suggestion for Stephen's Fantasy a 3, and responds to the previous email.
2007mar24 Stephen proposes some variations on Alex's suggestion.
2007mar24 Stephen mentions Dilara Arin's animation The Practise.
2007mar28 Alex talks about Arin's animation and abstraction.
2007apr03 Stephen tells Arin's surprising intention and tells how he thinks about the paths and the body of a piece of music.
2007apr15 Stephen tells about Ned Resnikoff's animation, and talks about consonance.

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