U.S. Patents involving Stephen Malinowski

As Inventor (Issued)

(1988dec13) Support stand for reading material, with Douglas C. George

(2012mar27) System and method for adaptive classification of audio sources, with Carlos Avendano (this is used in noise-reduction chips made by Audience, Inc.; gee, I even got a plaque for this!)

(2006may30) Systems and methods for audio signal analysis and modification, with David Klein, Lloyd Watts, and Bernard Mont-Reynaud


(2002jun25) Music visualization system utilizing three dimensional graphical representations of musical characteristics

(2009sep15) Method and apparatus for generating visual images based on musical compositions

(2009jan27) Notation system for music, displaying pitches in color on a keyboard chart and having rhythmic values indicated by the vertical length of said pitches

Other People Patenting My Ideas

(2005aug16) System and method for relating electromagnetic waves to sound waves; my idea is documented on my website here and here; in 1995 I presented the idea at a conference of music educators in Portland, Oregon and distributed this hand-out; in 1996 I produced a video demonstrating the idea (see Visualizing Tonality at 13:26 in the video) which I presented at a meeting of YLEM at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on September 11 of that year.