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Several YouTube Viewers have said that Stephen Malinowski's video of Claude Debussy's Clair de lune makes them cry ...

min1ade  ~tear~
2pricey  i cried
Zolbat  I just cried
cindyvd  (sniff) (sniff)
titanb15  makes me cry
jbfields3  Made me cry...
pants976  it made me cry
vnaonacs  it makes me cry.
sidv1ci0us  makes me cry
njm963  it made me cry omg.
maladery  I also feel CRY!!!!~
cbrester1  its making me tear.
missymai82  this make me cry!
yukito08   It makes me cry too.
2becKey7  It still makes me cry
doihavethisname  makes me cry
danielgv93  cried.... cant hide it...
SilverAmySilver  it makes me cry.
Gessielli  This song makes me cry
Lecole89  This song makes me cry.
MaskParada111  it makes me cry.
snowboardnork207  makes me cry
mrsellemby  this song made me cry
RoSaLita1  always makes me cry...
okiud  i love this song makes me cry.
Will403536  fuck this makes me cry
MizzActress36  it does make me cry
pacman2176  this song makes me cry
memocordob  This song made me cry.
csccdog  its bringing tears to my eyes...
skyecasey4  i cry every time i hear this.
Calvarygirl41  This song makes me cry!
emmastevens  everytime i hear this i cry
flattsgirl57  lovely song, it makes me cry
NaturallyNadia  I cry everytime I hear it
Exilly19  Amazing song , makes me cry...
kavotte  makes me cry everytime i hear it
supcamy  makes me bawl everry timeeeeee
LoveAndVamps  This song makes me cry...
Cathyzy  its so beautiful that makes me cry!
IsabellaMarie19  Wow! It makes me cry too!
shizzle5150  this song brings tears to my eyes.
becbecz  this was so beautiful it made me cry!
Cullengirl449  Oh, my God! Why am I crying?!
Vampires1902  This song always makes me cry
cooly1021  it makes me cry every time i hear it.
iwuvit  This piece makes me cry, its so beautiful!
WillowFrancais  makes me cry nearly every time
Gaara3145  This song makes me cry tears of joy.
azileigh  it makes me cry with sadness-happiness.
erana724  it makes me cry whenever i listen to this.
PonniJF  Makes me cry happy tears, in a wierd way.
ShezzLuvsShadow  I cried the first time a heard this
ShellyLuv123  The song makes me cry it sounds sad.
Wezmaster419  i just dont know what to say, just cry
ConfusedYetWise  i didnt think i would cry, but i did.
brelovestaylor13  this song makes me tear up a little...
musicismylife400  But ya. It made me cry. like CRAZY!
MorganJServices  This piece never fails to bring tears.
KLV3651  i need to down load this song it makes me cry
carolinaC4554  I cry when I listen to this piece, every time.
RomanianKittyCat  it makes me smileing and crying too ):
MCAH00  this song makes me CRY everytime i listen to it.
bananinharoxa  it is amazing and beuty, and it makes me cry.
xxEirinua34xx  this songs always makes my cry but helps me a lot.
Rainbowkittens1218  The first time i heard this song i cried *tears*
CiNgiNiGinGiFrAnCy  Everytime I listen to this magic melody I cry.
bubbles3bubbles  i whant to cry ... wait is that a tear omg i am crying
LilBlueEyes625  this piece is so calming...and makes me cry as well.
edwardcullen000001  love dis song...it makes me wanna cry...idk why
brokenhirn  everytime when im listening to this song i have to cry ...
utuber61391  it made me cry it was so beutiful the first time i heard it.
pianist2012  this is an amazing piece, definitely made me tear up a bit
kittyroar800  it makes me cry and reminds me of my former dead mother.
xoxluvu4evrxox  absolutly beautiful..makes me cry every time I listen to it.
darkangelfaerie  Oh my god, this piece is amazing, it always makes me cry
katgirl21  Oh my gosh, this song makes me cry. So sad and utterly beautiful.
highoctanespoon  every time i hear this peice, i cry it's such a beautiful peice...
twilighter4life88989  this song portrays love so well! it brings a tear to my eye.
theajarvis  i love this song so much every time i listen to it it i cry it is so good
heathledgerobsessed  i cry when i hear this and i imagine bella and edward's wedding.
blueflower1156  I am in love with this song and it makes me cry every time i listen to it.
bonibonbon  i just listened to this three times straight. and cried over; three times straight.
EmoLiciousRomance  this is one of the saddest piano pieces I love it it made me cry even...
x0CaleighnKaitlyn0x  I always cry when I hear it now, but its so amazing that I don't care.
mayablanca  Maybe it's because I'm just a hormonal teenager, but I just sat here and cried.
Vickelepickel  It makes me cry and warms my heart for those who are in love..its so beautiful.
yamiilovesniick16  i am so seriously sobbing, and bawling my eyes rite now ... i cry a river.. very sad.
oki288  I just cry every time I hear this utterly beautiful piece. I cried like a baby the first time I heard it.
Asylum8Emo8Girl  this song makes me cry!!! ... very few musical pieces can make my tear ducts explode!
obviouslyindenile224  This is a beautiful song... It made me cry, but strangely also have the warm fuzzies.
tigercomet23  when i heard the song, i almost cried... and now, i feel my eyes stinging, like right before you cry
pwnedbyafishcake  i love this it makes me cry. my fiend played it on the piano at school i cried it front of people.
PrincessPaulettepro  As soon as it gets to 2:50 i start crying it reminds me so much of everything that ever made me happy...
Xakaira  You're listening to a beautiful piece of music that actually is so good it makes me CRY don't tell anyone I said that ...
PsychoticNeurotic  I can't listen to this without crying. I usually listen to it when i'm sad or stuck because it reminds me what a truly wonderful privilege it is just to be alive. Then I lose my composure.
armin303  This was my brothers' favorite peace of music before he lost his hearing. I showed him this the other day and he started crying and then I started crying and my mum started crying. By the end of the performance my whole family was crying.

Some didn't actually cry, but had feelings that were related to crying ...

14coldplay  it's almost hard not to cry.
181MiChElLe181  almost makes me wanna cry.
5AwesomeSuperKids  this song always makes me want to cry ...
alyann19  its sooo calming it makes u wanna cryy.
Attie95  I am almost crying here ...
cl8m8t0r  it almost made me cry
crazyallie17  This is beautiful something that you could cry over
crazyinsane95  makes me feel like cryingg to!
CutMeToPieces  it makes me wanna cry every time i hear it.
darkXdreamz  this song makes me wanna cry...
DeJusAnn  It almost makes me cry. It is so beautiful
dramaqueen1357911  Hoe sweet it almost made me cry!!
drpepperswife  i? would be near tears if i was able to cry.
dubhe09  2:00...i want to cry!!!!
electronaut859  This song always makes me want to cry.
fountainhead01  it nearly makes me cry everytime i hear it
Frazgar  i didnt really feel like crying, but im a guy, and i kinda felt if i wasnt, i might have
graeeee  makes you just cry doesn't it?
Hansyrocks  yes it does make me want to cry
ilovebunneyz  omg this song almost made me cry it's so beautiful!
johnnypeacock69  What is it about this piece that moves me to almost cry as well.
julienneorg3  i can cry for this song
katiep44  omThis piece just makes me want to cry and smile at the same time.g
kattykoo17  this makes me wana cry ... like happy tears
KoolKitKatKitty  it always makes me fall asleep and want to cry at the same time ...
lauriah11  i love this song it makes me want to cry ...
loveofserenade  this song really makes me wanna cry...
maladery  I also feel CRY!!!!~
MicaAlyse  i could cry every time i hear it
monkeysmerage  Makes me feel like crying.
musicsloverzxk  i feel like i'm about to? start crying listening to this right now.
muzakfreak93  ahhhhh.....that piece makes me want to cry.
nancybrien  makes my soul cry out
NICKJONASISFINEFAN  i want to cry when i hear this masterpiece!
omfunkadalikg  i might cry.
Pollacchione1992  this song makes me wanna cry ...
PrincessPaulettepro  As soon as it gets to 2:50 i start crying ...
robynbird28  It almost makes me want to cry it's so pretty
ruthdarlow  i feel like crying everytime i hear it
SingaSongofSuicide  Yeah, I definitely feel like crying ...
supercoolfantastic  Its so powerful, god it makes me want to cry sometimes
thapethanoume  this is so...beautiful!!i want to cry...realy...
tigercomet23  when i heard the song, i almost cried... and now, i feel my eyes stinging, like right before you cry
tigerlily0201  this song just makes me want to cry
twiliighttedwardC14  it also makes me want to cry, it's beautiful
xraytechwill84  This is a song that can make you cry.
thevuutrain  i almost cried
schnauzerbob  its beautiful and it makes me want to cry everytime i hear it.
blugirl4  if i wasn't in a room full of people i would be crying....hey, i'm crying on the inside, does that count?
pedromrocha  yes. it make me want to cry
lexxe16  so beautiful that i could cry
aesops84227  i feel so sad....and wanna cry
mikey32086  this piece definitely makes me want to cry
edwardjasperfan001  I love this song. It makes me want to cry!!
laura9509  I love this peice so so much, i just want to cry whenever i hear it!!!!!!!!!!!
skippythebeast2728  I am very fond of this peice its makes me sad for some reason...
aoeccullen4evermine  This is so beautiful it makes me want to cry an ocean i adore it
DAZ099  This is so beautiful, almost makes me cry.
koRnkitty  The song wasn't going to make me cry all by itself, but as I read your comment while listening to it I did hehe ;)
bobbjoejnickjlover  this song is soooo pretty!! it makes me wanna cry