Music Animation Machine on YouTube

2005dec10 first videos posted Scarlatti, Sonata, K. 455, harpsichord
Chopin, Etude, opus 10 no. 7, C major
Debussy, Clair de lune (piano music)
Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ
2006mar04 first non-bar-graph video Chopin, Nocturne, opus 27 #2, piano solo
2006oct28 first non-animation video Pianola Demonstration
2007mar21 first video showing hands Byrd, Fantasy a 3, piano solo
2007jun03 first synthetic voice video Bach, Computer Sings About the Devil
2007jun15 first video using MIDI by somebody else Liszt, Feux Follets, S.139, R.2b, #5, piano solo
2007aug21 first video showing the conductor program Tapper (demo of the Conductor Program)
2008jul30 first Brandenburg Concerto movement Bach, Brandenburg Concerto # 4, 3rd mvt., presto
2008oct29 first video showing my hands playing Froberger, Ricercare XIV (hands)
2008nov03 first video showing conventional score (also scrolling) Beethoven - Für Elise (piano solo)
2009feb24 first Well-Tempered Clavier video Bach, Fugue in C Major, WTC I, BWV 846
2009feb26 first video with animation synchronized to a live recording Bach, Air ("on the G string", string orchestra)
2009apr12 first video in which I play along to an existing recording Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 21, Andante ("Elvira Madigan")
2009jul15 first Beethoven symphony movements Beethoven, Symphony 5
2009nov15 first video overlaying animation over live concert video Pachelbel, Canon in D (2.1) w/scrolling bar-graph score
2010apr06 first moving-ball video Debussy, Arabesque #1, Piano Solo (animation ver. 2)
2010may16 first video with a white background Gabrieli, Canzon per sonare no. 2, brass choir, animated score
2010jun09 first Beethoven string quartet video Beethoven, Grosse Fuge (complete, Great Fugue), op. 133, string quartet (animated score)
2010jun14 first video using multiple time scales Beethoven, op. 132, 3rd mvt., Heiliger Dankgesang, string quartet (animated score)
2010jun16 first time a performer I didn't know personally offered to let me use their recording in a video Brahms, Piano Quartet in C minor, opus 60, 1st mvt.
2011oct14 first video showing dynamics Beethoven, Symphony 5, 1st mvt. ("triangles")
2011nov12 first video showing continuous dynamics Bach, Cello Suite No. 1, 1st mvt. (showing bowing)
2011nov18 first calligraphy video Bach, Preludio, Partita in E Major, Lara St. John, solo violin
2012feb26 first video using multiple time scales at the same time Malinowski, Fantasia Ostinato (white background)
2012mar22 first video using pitch-shifting Bach, Perpetual Canon (from The Musical Offering, BWV 1079)
2012mar31 first Chromadepth 3D video Mozart, Chromadepth 3D Version, Piano Quartet in G minor, KV 478, 3rd mvt
2012aug28 first video showing rhythmic background Bach, Three-part Invention #4, D minor (Sinfonia), BWV 790
2012nov12 first Goldberg Variation using Colin Booth recording Bach, Goldberg Variations, Aria, Harpsichord, BWV 988
2013mar28 first Rite of Spring video Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, Animated Graphical Score, 1/2
2013oct25 first major collection complete Bach, Goldberg Variations, Aria (da capo), BWV 988
2013oct28 first solo spline-ribbon video Debussy, Syrinx (for solo flute)
2014feb12 first hearts video Debussy, First Arabesque (Hearts/Butterflies)
2015jun15 first compressed/simplified score Sousa, Semper Fidelis, march, ver. 2 (animated score)
2016mar03 first overlaid variations video Mozart, Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman" (Twinkle, Twinkle)
2016mar10 first circular canon video Pachelbel, Canon in D (Chromadepth 3D)
2016mar09 first true-perspective 3D video Mozart, Sonata for Two Pianos, K 448, first movement (Chromadepth 3D)
2016may01 second major collection complete Chopin, Etude, opus 25 no. 10, B minor
2016may04 first video showing dissonance Mozart, Symphony No. 40 in G minor, 3rd mvt., Minuet
2016may21 first video with crescent flower Bach, Prelude in C major, WTC I, BWV 846
2016may29 first video using Voronoi tessellation Bach, Herr Christ, der einge Gottes-Sohn from Das Orgel-B├╝chlein, BWV 601 (Voronoi)
2016jun07 first mystery animation Mystery Animation #1
2016jun25 first video in which notes are intentionally not shown Bach, Fugue in B-flat major, WTC I, BWV 866
2016jul09 third major collection complete Well-Tempered Clavier Book I (Ishizaka)
2017jun07 first video with future hidden for selected surprise arpeggio Chopin, Scherzo No. 3 in C-sharp minor, opus 39
2017jun14 first video with future hidden to mirror deceptive ending Bach, 4th mvt. , Trio from A Musical Offering
2017jul20 first video with future simulated then removed (to mirror deceptive cut-off) Mussorgsky/Rimsky-Korsakov, Night on Bald Mountain
2018jan07 first use of phrase warping Gabrieli, Angeli, Archangeli
2019oct23 fourth major collection complete Beethoven, String Quartets
2021jul14 fifth major collection complete Blackwood, Microtonal Etudes
2021aug20 sixth major collection complete Bach Brandenburg, Concertos