Stephen Malinowski — Underwriting (Music Animation Machine videos)


If you want an animated graphical score ("Music Animation Machine") video made of a piece of
your choice, to be added to my primary YouTube channel (smalin), you may be able to commission
me (Stephen Malinowski) to produce it for you. This page describes how the process typically works.

First, the client contacts me and describes the project, including such information as:

     what musical composition (composer, title, which movement or movements)
     what recording (optional; or the client may wish for me to perform it)
     what the client would like the video to look like (optional)

I respond, saying whether I would be interested in considering the project. If I am, I will quote a fee range,
and possibly ask the client some questions about the details of the project.

If the client and I agree on the the details and the fee, I accept the project.

Artistic decisions

My goal is to make videos that I like and that my client likes. Before taking on a project, I do everything
I can to assure that there is no conflict between the two. Once I accept a project, I work with the client in
making artistic decisions. The final payment is not made until the client accepts the final product, so it is
in my interest to fulfill the client's wishes.


There are three components to the fee I charge clients for custom videos:

     1. Labor. My standard labor rate is currently $150USD/hour; the minimum project size is 8 hours.
         Many small projects can be completed in approximately eight hours, so $1200 is often the labor fee.
     2. License fees. Depending on the copyright status of the composition and/or recording, there may be
         license fees that need to be paid to the copyright holder(s).
     3. Discount. If I have an interest in making the video, I may apply a discount to my labor rate;
         in exceptional cases, I may also offer to absorb some or all of the license fees.

Payment schedule

For all but the largest projects, the client makes three payments:

     1. After we've agreed to start the project.
         I begin work as soon after receipt of this payment as my schedule permits.
     2. Upon delivery of the first 'complete' draft of the video(s)
         Drafts are delivered with watermarks, without titles, and in low resolution.
     3. Upon final acceptance of the video(s)
         Final versions are delivered upon receipt of the third payment.

The three payments are each approximately one-third of the total fee. I accept payment by check
(in USD drawn on a US bank), bank wire transfer (client pays any wire fees), or PayPal.

The client is of course free to make payments earlier (e.g. full payment at the start of the project).

Client resources

Here are some things that potential clients might find useful:

     1. List of other clients.
     2. Chart of renderers. This page lists many of the animation methods I've used in my videos.
     3. Table of techniques. This page lists some of the ways the animation methods may be employed.
     4. Sample videos. This YouTube playlist shows a variety of ways my animation can look.