Music Animation Machine Techniques

thumbnail (click for video) technique result
all notes the same look show texture
background gradient show measure accent structure
color show several melodic lines at once
color show which hand is playing
color show interval type
color show dynamics
color show rhythmic subdivision class
color (/3D) show groups in polychoral music
colored pitch lines show important pitch classes
connecting lines show melody connections
connecting notes show extended canon
different horizontal rates/widths show augmentation/diminution
different horizontal rates/widths show augmentation/diminution
fat connector mark melodic motiv
green background suggest water
grouping show how notes at different octaves form a single melodic thread
horizontal lines show treble/bass staves
horizontal offset show canon
inside/outside shapes show two groups of instruments
jiggly shape show vibrating instrument
layers (accumulating) show theme and variation
lines show shape of ostinato
live background show performers
note thickness (height) show dynamics
note thickness (height) show dynamics
overview show structure of the whole piece
overview show large-scale canons
path looping emphasize direction change
shape suggest envelope of notes
shape show different playing technique (pizz. versus norm.)
shape show original melody versus ornamentation/addition
shape show difference between melodic/chordal elements
shape different melodic elements
shape suggest "feel"
shape show instrumental groups
shape (and inter-note connector) show repeating bass in chaconne
shape/style give predominant melody its own special look
size emphasize differences in note duration (in fugue)
slow vertical glide (and pitch shift)show perpetual canon
split screen show performer
split screen show multiple views of the performer
text overlay show lyrics
traverse behaviors emphasize how different parts move
two videos show two-part music
width show continuous dynamics
(various methods) show bowing