Playing the piano is a dream that most people share. Yet, very few have managed to realize that dream... until now. To help make the dream a reality, Kawai developed Concert Magic – an exciting new feature that allows everyone, even the non-player, to experience the thrill of playing real music. Concert Magic is an intelligent, interactive system that makes learning and playing songs incredibly easy by using two fundamental elements of music... rhythm and expression.

With Concert Magic you can experience a world of musical songs and styles – Children's Songs, Christmas Songs, American Classics, Favorite Hymns, Classical Selections, Patriotic Songs, International Songs and music for Special Occasions.

Most Kawai digital pianos have the Concert Magic Feature. The CA and CP Series models feature the Concert Magic Note Navigator system... a visual guide which assists you through each song. Additionally, the CP Series models (except the CP67) also contain the lyrics to many of the Concert Magic songs. Just follow the bouncing ball for hours of Karaoke fun.

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