Music Animation Machine Renderers

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name thumbnail description YouTube/Vimeo example(s)
3DEllipses Perhaps the most striking 3D renderer. The ellipses have a black shadow around them, which emphasizes the back-to-front layering. Requires special glasses to get the 3D effect (see Chromadepth), but can also be viewed satisfactorily without 3D. Albeniz, Asturias (Leyenda)
Tallis, Spem in alium
3DTriangles In this renderer, the front-to-back position can be varied continuously within a part. <on request>
AdHocLines Horizontal lines; typically used to draw staves Foreign Lander
Axis x/y axis; for development use only
BallAura An aura (halo) that goes with the Balls renderer A Stone's Throw
BallTrack* See development notes bwv1007m1
Balls* Superseded by 'circle' shape in GenAlpha Debussy, Arabesque #1
Background no image for debugging
Barlines* Vertical lines (typically on first beat of each bar) Brahms, String Quintet No. 2, 3rd mvt.
BarlineNumbers for development use only
Bars* Standard piano-roll format. Superseded by 'rect' shape in GenAlpha Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor
BarsFisheye All of song is shown, with "fisheye" view of a few seconds Beethoven 5th Symphony
Barset no image for development use only
Bowing* See development notes Bach, Cello Suite No. 1, 1st mvt.
BoxAura Aura (halo) to go with Bars (superseded by 'rect' shape in GenAlpha)
Bwow::bwow As used in Björk's Quicksand (Vulnicura) <on request>
Bwow::uh As used in Björk's Mouth Mantra (Vulnicura) <on request>
Bwow::ricochet (difficult to capture in thumbnail
small shape shoots across screen,
explodes when it hits)
As used in Björk's Mouth Mantra (Vulnicura) <on request>
Callig* Path loops around direction reversals; width follows audio dynamics Bach, Preludio, Partita in E Major, Lara St. John, solo violin
Canon* Balls move from dux to comes Franck, Violin Sonata
Chaos Chaotic filaments follow notes (n.b. code is currently broken) Dichotomy (Punto Y Raya entry)
Coil Coil unwraps as note plays Bach, Fugue in B-flat minor, WTC I, BWV 867
ComingAtYou Balls approach from right, grow from nothing to full size, disappear after they're played Churning (Punto Y Raya entry)
Connect no image Shapes that connect one note to the next (under development ...)
Connection Connections between notes of two separate parts (these change size if the parts have different horizontal time behaviors) Bach Gamba Sonata, BWV 1027, Adagio
bwv846p 720p subdued 2017sep16 5000
(alt. vers.)
CrankCues For cueing crank operator with beats per measure (for live-performance MAM only) <on request>
Crescent Crescents expand Bach, Fugue in C major, WTC I, BWV 846
CrescentFlower "Petals" of the flower bloom and wither Bach, Prelude in C major, WTC I, BWV 846
CriticalBand Bars with varying widths to show critical band <on request>
Dissonance Shows collision of dissonant notes Mozart, Symphony No. 40 in G minor, 3rd mvt., Minuet
Dots Static overvew with moving dots and wiggling connection lines.
DyadGrid::Melodic Shows intervals in two-part music <on request>
DyadGrid::Diagonal Shows intervals in two-part music <on request>
DyadGrid::Edges Shows intervals in two-part music <on request>
DyadGrid::Splatter Shows intervals in two-part music <on request>
DyadSpiral Shows interval types Bach, Prelude in C major, WTC I, BWV 846
EggAura* Aura (halo) to go around Eggs (superseded by GenAlpha ellipse) Bach, Goldberg Variations, Variation 24, BWV 988
Eggs* Ellipses (superseded by GenAlpha ellipse) Bach, Goldberg Variations, Variation 24, BWV 988
Feather no image Shade edges of animation; typically used with 3D to attenuate unwanted edge effects
Filaments* Filaments that pseudo-randomly follow a track (n.b. currently broken) Bach, Cello suite 1, 1st mvt. ("caterpillar" animation)
Fill no image Fill entire space with something (under development)
FixedPosition no image Internal: provides position information for Variation renderer
FlexBars As used for trombone glides in "Cosmogeny" in "Biophilia
Frame Nested frames Bach, Fugue in C minor, BWV 546
GenAlpha Family of nesting shapes Stravinsky, Rite of Spring
GenFill Fills background with color of closest note genfill test (Bach fugue)
Generic no image for development use only
GradedBars Bars that fade out toward the edge Mozart, Symphony 41, Jupiter, 4th mvt.
Harmonics Shows harmonics of notes
HeartArrow Shapes that rotate and morph as they progress Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1
History The score wraps and folds into a space at the top Chopin, Etude, opus 25 no. 6, G-sharp minor
IEllipse Superseded by the 'iEllipse' mode of GenAlpha
IEllipseAura Superseded by the 'iEllipse' mode of GenAlpha
Intersection "Searchlight" effect with intersecting lines Chopin, Etude, opus 25 no. 11, A minor ("Winter Wind")
LayerBracket no image script control element
LayerBracketEnd no image script control element
Negative Cloud that surrounds notes negative 720p 2013dec13b
Neon Neon-sign-inspired bars bwv1079m2
NeonStretch Version of Neon that moves bwv1079m2
NotationAlpha What eventually turned into NotationBeta
NotationBeta Saccade-synchronized conventional notation (under development ...) Bach, Chaconne
NowStretch Notes stretch to touch "now" point (from past or future) bwv846p 720p subdued 2017sep17 5000
Null no image script control element
Octagon no image Superseded by 'octagon' shape in Genalpha (n.b. currently broken)
OctagonAura no image Superseded by 'octagon' shape in Genalpha (n.b. currently broken)
Overview Entire score visible at bottom of screen, with gray "current view" highlight Kasper, Palindrome Canons
Pachelbel Custom display for Pachelbel's Canon Pachelbel, Canon in D
Parabola Frankly, I don't remember what I had in mind with this one; I never finished it, and what it does now (see thumbnail) isn't a parabola ... it works with Chromadepth 3D, though ...
PathEvolve no image Experiment (under development ...)
Percussion Menagerie of "percussion animals" Index
Example (Sousa march)
Performance no image For measuring system performance
Perspective Perspective shapes (for use with Chromadepth 3D glasses) Mozart, Sonata for Two Pianos, K 448, third movement
PianoDynamics* Simulates dynamic envelope of piano/harpsichord tone Froberger, Suite XIX, C minor (harpsichord)
PianoDynamicsAura Aura (halo) to fit with PianoDynamics Malinowski, "Wedding" Etude, piano solo
PitchTrack no image Internal/development
PizzCircle Developed for use in Björk's Atom Dance (Vulnicura) (superseded by circle form in PizzGeneric)
PizzGeneric Family of percussion-like effects for pizzicato Debussy, Prelude to 'The Afternoon of a Faun' (string pizz, harp, crotales)
PizzGliss Moving pizzicato gliassando Cox, Patagon: III. Ballenas australes y pinguinos de Magallanes
Player Balls fly in to meet notes Chopin, Etude, opus 25 no. 11, A minor
PolyDyn Shapes change size in response to loudness of audio track; developed for use in Björk's History of Touches (Vulnicura) <on request>
Radiate Balls radiate from "beat emitters" Bach, Prelude in F major, WTC I, BWV 856
RationalTime Allows canons to be more accurately aligned Bach, Goldberg Variations, Variation 24
RhomAura no image Aura (halo) to go with Triangles; superseded by 'rhom' shape in GenAlpha (n.b. currently broken)
RhomPluck* Good for pizzicato notes, harmonics, etc. Albeniz, Chromadepth 3D, Asturias (Leyenda)
RingWalk* Ellipse glides/morphs from one to the next Debussy, Prelude to 'The Afternoon of a Faun'
RollBox* Like it says Debussy, The Snow is Dancing
Round Shows the structure of a round (canon) Anonymous, Frog Round
ScoreTime no image Internal/development
ShadeBar Like 3DEllipses: bars with black shadow; good for 3D
Skewer* Skewers pass through the ellipses when they sound (n.b. currently broken) bwv1007m1 2011oct31a skewer
Sonar Suggested by sonar/radar display Mozart, Eine kleine Gigue, K 574
Spectro no image Spectrogram (under development ...)
Spline* Cubic spline curve through note positions (with optional balls at notes) Bach, Preludio, Sonata in E Major, solo violin
SplineRibbon* Spline with twists and graded coloring Debussy, Syrinx (for solo flute)
StaffHighlight Chromatic staff with current note(s) highlighted <on request>
Swarm Crazy swarm of notes <on request>
Tessellate no image Fill all space with shapes (under development ...) <on request>
Text* For lyrics, etc. (fix position or panning with notes) Brahms, In stiller Nacht, zur ersten Wacht
TimeStamp Internal/development
TIMING no image script control: real-time performance timing specifier
TrailingBalls Balls that get pulled out of place and oscillate Bach, Fugue in E-flat major, WTC I, BWV 852
TrailingRibbon Tail follows note motion and fades out Bach, Prelude and Fugue in F-sharp major, WTC I, BWV 858
TriangleTrack* Like BallTrack, but with triangles Bach, Siciliano, Lara St. John, violin solo
Triangles* Rhombi that morph from one to the next Beethoven, Symphony 5, 1st mvt. ("triangles")
Twofer no image (under development ...)
VRing See development notes 1starab 720p noTitles 2014feb13a LAN
VRingAlpha See development notes Bach, Ricercar a 6, stretchy balls
VRingBeta (under development ...)
VRingGamma no image (under development ...)
Variations For theme and variations, each variation is overlaid of the previous ones Mozart, Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman" (Twinkle, Twinkle)
Voronoi Using a Voronoi tessellation Playlist of Voronoi videos
Walker Notes spiral toward next, in a gait-like beat Bach, Prelude in F-sharp minor, WTC I, BWV 859
Wheel Color wheel showing harmonic coloring Bartok (see intro at start)
Yarn Shows interval types Chopin, Nocturne, Opus 27 No. 2
Zigzag* Wiggly-line-filled rhombus (designed for santouri tremolo in ZRI video) Brahms/Anon/ZRI Clarinet Quintet (Free But Lonely, Street Tune)