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Pushing the Envelope

In the fall of 2004, Studio 360, a radio program produced at WNYC in New York, announced a mail art exhibition, and I submitted an entry.

The contents of my entry were documented in this letter to them; this video shows what I sent.

When I heard that the show's producer, Kurt Andersen, was going to interview me on the phone, I prepared some notes so that I wouldn't be completely tongue-tied.

Here's Studio 360's page for the April 2, 2005 show

Here's what Studio 360 wrote: Stephen Malinowski heard our request for mail art and decided to do a little experiment. He tested the post office to see what they would and wouldn't deliver by mailing not one, or two, but 100 pieces of mail art to our office, including crumpled envelopes, tissue paper, pieces of wood, Astroturf, even a postage scale with our address written on the side in permanent marker. Kurt Andersen spoke with Malinowski about the project he called "The scientific method as art."

You can listen to the interview in this segment of the show.