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Production Notes for Claude Debussy's Clair de lune

Here's what I did to produce the iPod-playable Music Animation Machine video of this piece:

1  Instrument

The two instruments I used were a Yamaha P-80 keyboard and a Tascam GigaStudio sampled piano (I forget which one).

2  Note Entry and Pre-performance Editing

I recorded the MIDI of a careful, pedal-less performance and edited it (both using the Music Animation Machine software)

3  Performance

The performance was done using the conductor program features of the M.A.M. software.  (Before doing the final take, I practiced with the conductor program, too.)

4  Post-Performance Editing

The performance with the conductor program was pretty close to what I intended; the edits were a change in note dynamics here or there and some smoothing of the arpeggios at the end.

5  Color Selection

Since only one instrument was involved and polyphony wasn't a prominent element, I used harmonic coloring.

6  Frame Rendering

I used my RenderMAM software to render 30 fps frames (from the original M.A.M. data) in PNG format.

7  Assembly

The PNG frames and the original soundtrack were combined with titles using Adobe Premiere; the output was a high-resolution AVI file.

8  Conversion to MP4

The AVI file was converted to MP4 (.m4v) using the export function of QuickTime Pro.

9  Upload

I used Ipswitch WS_FT to upload the movie (in .m4v format where possible and .mov version otherwise) to YouTube, vimeo, Google and Revver.

10  Documentation

I wrote this description and added it to the Production Notes Table of Contents.