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Malinowski / Music Animation Machine / Permissions

If you'd like to use my audio recordings (of my performances) or videos, please email me with this information (whatever is relevant for your situation; a human being will read this, so there's no need to provide irrelevant information):

  • What is your name, email, and mailing address?
  • What organization (if any) do you represent (and, if so, what is their contact information)?
  • What video/audio do you want to use?
  • What version of my work (YouTube video, recording, custom recording/video) do you want to use?
  • Will you need a higher-quality version of the video/audio?
  • Who will see it, and in what context?
  • Where would it be shown/played?
  • If it being used to promote something, what is that, and how will my work be used to promote it?
  • Will viewers have to pay to see it (as part of an exhibition, etc.)?
  • Will you (or the people you represent) make money from the project? If so, how much, and based on what?
  • How will it be distributed (and if so, how)?
  • How will my work be used (in toto, excerpts, multiple uses, and in what kinds of scenes)?
  • Will you be giving a credit for the composer?
  • Will you be giving a credit for performer(s)?
  • Will you be giving a credit for animator (Stephen Malinowski)?
  • Will you be giving a credit to the producer (Stephen Malinowski)?
  • What is the total production budget for this project (estimate)?
  • What is the name of the production?
  • Thank you for your interest in my work.