Music Animation Machine — Resources for Education

Here are reactions from people who have found my graphical scores helpful: Following are things I hope will serve as a useful guide/index to these resources.

My animated graphical scores are published on these four YouTube channels:
  • smalin is where I publish the first version of videos intended for viewing by the general public
  • musanim contains alternate versions and corrections; these are also intended for the general public
  • musanim3D has versions designed for viewing with special glasses;
    these would be of no interest to people without those glasses
  • stephenmalinowski is my "private" channel, where I post my personal (non-music) videos,
    experiments most people wouldn't be interested in, and other random stuff
I've published over a thousand videos, which might make it hard to find what you want.
Here are some things that might make it a little easier: There are also a few educational web pages on specific subjects:
  • Canons can be used for ear-training; this page has links to all my canon videos
    and suggestions for how to use them.
  • My video for Bach's Réjouissance (from his fourth orchestral suite) was so
    demanding to watch that I made several training videos to help people teach
    their eyes (and ears) what to look for (and listen for).
  • Music theory students learning about Non-chord tones might find this tool useful.
  • Many of my video use color to indicate pitch class; the system I use
    (which I call Harmonic Coloring) is described here.
Please contact me with questions, requests, or suggestions.