Music Animation Machine — Collaborations & Commssions

Most of my animated graphical scores are my own independent productions,
but I do occasionally collaborate with other musicians and take on commissions.

This page describes how these collaborations and commissions work.


In my typical collaborations, composers and performers provide compositions
and recordings, and I produce animated graphical score videos. These videos
are owned jointly among all collaborators, with the agreement that all owners
are allowed to publish them on YouTube and other free distribution services.

Most collaborations begin by me contacting musicians I want to collaborate with.
I will describe the rare cases where collaborations begin with someone else.

Collaborations with Composers

I receive many requests for collaboration from composers, and I reject almost all
of them. The reasons for this are varied, but they basically come down to this:
The music doesn't interest me enough for me to want to spend time on it
(if you'd like to understand this better, see this page).

If you are a composer and would like me to do videos of your music, email

1. a human-readable score (PDF)
2. a machine-readable score (MIDI, Sibelius SIB, Finale MUS, Music XML)
3. an audio recording of a performance suitable for use in a video (MP3)
4. a written explanation of why you would want me to do videos of your music

Collaborations with Performers

It is rare that performers suggest I collaborate with them on a video.

If you are a performer and would like to suggest we collaborate, please send me
a list of compositions you would be interested in having me make videos of, and
send me a link to a web page where I can listen to recordings of you performing.


I occasionally do work for hire. In these cases, the client owns the rights to the video.

The answer to the question "how much do you charge?" is based on many variables,
but the minimum cost (for a short, simple piece of music for which you can provide
human-readable and machine-readable scores and an audio recording) is $1200.00 USD
($150.00/hour with an 8-hour minimum project size) in most cases.

If you are interested in hiring me to make a video for you, email me with the details.


I've done a few projects that don't fit either category exactly. For example, a
YouTube viewer paid me to do a video of a piece he liked, for inclusion on my
YouTube channel. In this case, my fee was less than I would have charged for a
commission where the client retained the rights.

If you'd like to propose a project that doesn't fit either the collaboration or the
commission model, please email me with the details.